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24 January 2016

Just a Bunch of Snow Bunnies

Since we didn't go to Flagstaff over Christmas, we knew we wanted to go up sometime this winter so the girls could play in the snow.  I saw that Flagstaff was expecting snow over Martin Luther King weekend, so I booked us a hotel room just in case. We decided to go up, and ended up pulling Liv from school a little early to try and beat some of the bad weather.

We made it up safely and got to see some snow falling on our drive up.  We let the girls play in the hotel parking lot snow,  unpacked,  and then went to grab food at a local brewery.  

We got up the next morning and got everyone bundled up to go sledding.  The girls had a blast in the snow - sledding, building snow piles, and snacking on chips and hot chocolate!  I'm amazed at how brave Sydney was!

After a few hours of sledding, we picked up our favorite food from MamaBurger and went back to lay lowwww at the hotel!  After a few episodes of Fixer Upper on HGTV, we took the girls down to the hotel pool to swim.    The next morning, we spent a couple hours walking around downtown Flagstaff before heading home.  It was so nice having the next day off to just relax and recover.  

She wanted her picture taken with her new friend! ha!

Thanks for a great weekend, Flagstaff!

Well, She Was An American Girl...

One of the presents the girls gave their grandma was a date to the American Girl store and Cafe while she and Peter were out visiting.  We chose to go the Saturday after the New Year, and fortunately, I had the great idea to call ahead and make a reservation.  Little did I know, the "Girl of the Year" was going to be introduced that weekend and the store was going to be full of little American girls excited to meet Lea, the Girl of the Year.

The girls got ready, and got their dolls ready too, and we headed up for our lunch and shopping date with Grandma.

Sadly, about halfway up to Scottsdale, Sydney started crying really hard complaining that her ear hurt.  I was hopeful that maybe her ear had just popped in the slight change in altitude, but she continued to complain about it once we got into the store.  I left Olivia and Irma at the store and took Sydney to the closest gas station to get her some children's Tylenol.  Bless her heart, a few minutes after taking the medicine, she wanted to lay down in the car.  

She took about an hour nap, and we had to miss the lunch, but it gave Irma and Olivia a chance to have a nice date together.  Sydney perked up after her nap and we were able to make it right at the end of their lunch.  Thankfully, she felt well enough for us to do some shopping!  :) 

Sydney got a mini Kit doll and Olivia got an outfit for her Julie doll.  Grandma got them each a Valentine's dress, and Uncle Rhino phoned in a purchase for the girls to get Lea's smoothie stand!  The girls were so excited!

It was a great day and we are SO excited go back!