11 February 2016

How Is It Already the Middle of February?!

Not sure, but since it is, maybe I ought to catch you up on our January!!

➸➸ The girls had a NYE sleepover and got to spend the night in our bed!  How fun is that?!

➸➸ We made Not Yo Mama's Banana Pudding for Grandma and Poppa and Liv was my very special helper!  She did such a great job following directions, and I couldn't believe it, but she LOVED the dessert!  (That apron was my Mammaw's apron!)

➸➸  Drop off and pick-up for school is a little different now that we've moved.  We sure miss our girlies from the old neighborhood, but are so glad we get to see them sometimes after school!

➸➸  We spent a Friday after school at the mall.  If you know me, you know the mall is like my least favorite place.  But, the girls had fun at the Lego store and the Disney store, and of course, at the food court! 

➸➸  Olivia has fallen in love with Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew books, and her Uncle Rhino sent her the entire set for getting straight A's on her report card!

➸➸  Sydney had Jammie Day at school for J week!  Loved that she wanted to wear her new pi's from her Grandma.

➸➸  I have a couple of Legomaniacs on my hands....

➸➸  The girlies got some new beds for their new rooms!  Special thanks to my dad for helping us assemble them! (And, yes, I am still obsessed with that Liberty of London line...)

➸➸  We tried to organize our mudroom a little bit...

➸➸  We supported our friend Liz and her family and cheered on the Panthers so they could make it to the Super Bowl...

➸➸  We tried out our outdoor fireplace with S'mores!  It worked out so well, we've done it two times since :)

➸➸  The girls went to Olivia's winter carnival and had a blast!  I helped my friend Sheri run her upcycles booth (and ended up coming home with 2 leggings and a skirt), and then we enjoyed the rest of the gorgeous day outside!

➸➸  Liv went on a cute movie date with her friend, Nate.  Love these little buddies.

➸➸  Aaaannnndddd, I gave Sydney my phone in the car....