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28 March 2013

A Birthday Combo

Well, I really am slacking these days, aren't I?  I missed {documenting} Sydney's 18 month birthday.  Nothing like missing out on one that's actually {sort of} a milestone.  She turned 18 months while we were in Hawaii {which I think is appropriate since we were in Hawaii when I found out I was pregnant with her}.  And, well, now she is a big wompin' 19 months.  Which means she is closer to TWO than she is to one.

And, well, about a week and a half ago, it was Olivia's 47 month birthday.  So, yeah, do the math there and you'll see that in just a few weeks, my baby is going to be FOUR.  hashtag shutthefrontdoor

So, here you go, a birthday combo celebration for both my sweet girls....several days late.

An update on my biggest little:  Still as feisty as ever!  She has a new little friend across the street and they have had lots of little playdates together.  It's cute, really, to see them {hear them because they play in her room mostly} play together.  The little girl is almost an entire year older than Olivia and has really nice manners, so I'm hoping she rubs off a little on mine.  ;)

➹ Walking her home... ➹

She is as smart as smart can be.  I'm amazed DAILY at how much she knows and absorbs.  I got to volunteer in her classroom today and it was so fun to peek into her little life away from home.  She's just so grown up.

One of her favorite shows {cartoon} right now is Sid the Science Kid.  They do a little Hee Haw knock-off routine where they tell jokes and so now Olivia is wanting to tell jokes all the time.  We taught her to say, "What's a pirate's favorite letter?  {aRrrrrrrr}" and later she told us one of her own.  Olivia: "What did one doctor say to the other doctor?"  Me: "I don't know, what?"  Olivia: "I want to have a play date with the nurse!" Ha ha.  Girl had us on the floor!

For the past month or so, Olivia has been waking up in the middle of the night and crawling into bed with us {and then I walk her back to her bed and fall asleep there}.  My mom made a deal with Olivia to buy her a nightgown if she stayed in her bed with a dry diaper for 7 nights in a row.  Well, it worked and Olivia has stayed in her bed every night since then.  She is wearing the nightgown in the picture above, and pretty much wears it whenever she can.

➹ Future fashion blogger ➹

 ➹ Getting a little messy after coloring Easter eggs ➹

➹And then getting clean ➹

And an update on my littlest little:  Oh, my heart...that girl and how she idolizes her big sister.  It simultaneously makes my heart burst and break.  There are days when Liv will be so loving and kind to  Sydney...playing with her as if they are the best of friends, quizzing her on the sounds that animals make {which was her favorite thing to do when she was Sydney's age} and doing things to help me out, "I think she's hungry, Mommy, so I gave her a bite of my yogurt."  And, then there are days when Olivia wants to play with her older friend without the interruptions of her little sister or she is doing things that Sydney just can't do.  Bless her heart, she gets an A for effort though.

➹ Helpful big sister ➹

For as much as Sydney loves her big sister, I also know she appreciates the time she has when she is on her own with all the toys in the playroom and/or the bathtub.

♥♥♥♥ Those toes ♥♥♥♥

If I'm going to be honest {and why wouldn't I be}, I've been a little worried about Sydney and the amount of words she knows/says.  I know that every child develops at their own pace, but I couldn't help but worry.  But, I'm happy to report that Sydney is chatting up a storm these days and is showing more interest in learning.  As of now she will show me what a monkey, an elephant, and a penguin can do.  She will quack for a duck, woof for a dog, moo for a cow, and snort for a pig.  She laughs the cutest laugh for a horse and a sheep, because, WELL YEAH, that's what it sounds like when we neigh and baaa.  She says mama, dada, uh-oh, ow, ball, shoes, and probably a few others I can't think of at 11:30 pm.  

We love to play doctor and one of our favorite things to do is pretend that we have a thorn in our paw.  {It's from a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse episode.}  So now, Sydney will take something and stick it in between her toes and say, "OW! OW!" and then when it gets pulled out she will say, "Got it!"  Accck, it's so cute!  Her little personality is coming out so much and I just love it.  

➹ Fishy face ➹

And, one more little tale -- a few days ago, she brought me a little figurine of the witch from Snow White and made the craziest face.  I couldn't figure it out until I looked at the witch.  Oh was hilarious.  And, I was able to get her doing it on video.  You can see it here.  

➹ Now I just say, "Make the face!" and she does! ➹

Quite Possibly the Best Video I've Ever Taken from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

A few pictures of the girls together:  Oh how I love dressing them alike!  Love these girls from the bottom of my heart all the way to the top.  I wouldn't trade my job for any other.  So, SO blessed to hear them both call me Mama. ♥

➹ Mommy's gettin' her craft on at home and had some cute shopping buddies helping me pick out some supplies. ➹

➹ Polka dot love and showing me their teeth! ➹

➹ Hoosier babies ➹

➹ This picture of Sydney melts my ♥.  She is just the sweetest thing. ➹

So, thanks for sticking with us.  I'm caught up question mark?!

23 March 2013

A Full Day

We have been keeping very busy lately.  It seems that if we don't have plans to get out of the house, at least one of us goes a little bit stir crazy.  Often times, it's more than one of us heading that direction.

After a fun playdate on Friday with Marsha, Michael and Jessica, we met up with them again today with the daddies and went for a short hike on South Mountain.  The kiddos had fun hunting for princesses and Easter eggs {helps keep them motivated to keep going} and we had fun socializing with other adults.  When we left the mountain, we headed down to a place called The Farm where they grow most of their food. It was such a gorgeous day and the kids loved being outside and running around.  We closed the night with movie night and now I am ready for bed.

Picking pecans {illegaly?}

Watching The Aristocrats!

{The plus side to all of this running around is that the house stays fairly clean.  Just wish I could figure out how to get the laundry done while being gone...}

22 March 2013

Life Around These Parts...

...pretty much looks like this:

∆ Lots of bike rides and trips to the playground ∆

∆ Trips to Target... ∆

∆ ... so I can dress the girls in matching outfits. ∆

∆ Lots of Liberty of London! ∆

∆ Making messes and learning new tricks. ∆

∆ Selfies and going green. ∆

∆ Play dates ∆

∆ Cascarones! ∆

∆ Indoor playgrounds ∆

∆ And, last, but not least, cheering on our Hoosiers! ∆

{Thanks for sticking with me through all of these pictures!}