13 August 2016

Sydney's First Day of Pre-K

Right after we dropped Liv off at school for her first day of second grade, we headed over to Sydney's school for her Meet the Teacher day.  Her first official day of school was the very next day.  Sydney is lucky to have Mrs. Lisa, who was Olivia's Pre-K teacher as well.  She is a really sweet teacher who works very hard to teach these little 4 and 5 year olds some independence.  Sydney is doing awesome in the class and I'm so proud of how hard she works at school!

➹ Waiting to go in! ➹

➹ Sydney and her buddy, Ty! First day of school pose! ➹

➹ Sydney and her buddy, Ty!  Last day of school pose! ;) ➹

And, some comparisons....that just make me want to bawl my eyes out!

LOVE my sweet Sydney girl!

Olivia's First Day of 2nd Grade

I have no idea how it is even possible that my first born baby girl is already in SECOND grade!  And, at this point, has already completed three weeks of her second grade school year.  It blows my mind {and breaks my heart} how quickly these kiddos grow up.

I absolutely LOVE Olivia's teacher this year, and I'm so thankful she has some very familiar faces in her classroom with her good buddies Riley and Nate.  She is learning so much, and I love seeing how far she is coming along with her reading, writing and math.

I'm proud of myself, also, because I have managed to print out the background poster for her 3 years in a row so we can have some consistency with First Day of School pictures! :)

➹ I'm thinking she was over my picture taking! ➹

She had a great first day, and has had a wonderful first few weeks too! Can't believe she's a second grader!  Seems like just yesterday we were taking these First Day of School pictures...

Twenty Years of Dave

Twenty years ago, I went to my first Dave Matthews Band concert at Deer Creek in Noblesville.  I think that show sparked my love for seeing that band live, because in that 20 years, I've been to 70 shows!  (I have an app where I log in each of my shows that I've been to and it keeps track of all the songs I've heard, special guests, venues, etc!  It's awesome!)

A few of my stats:  70 shows, 174 different songs, 31 tours, 11 different states, and while I'm sure most people will think I've spent a ridiculous amount of time and money on shows, to me it is priceless!

This year, I knew I had to get back to Deer Creek to celebrate my 20th anniversary!  I'm so glad Brad and Clark could join us for a hot and humid weekend in Indiana.

➹ Front row behind the pit section! ➹

It was a quick trip back to Indiana, but it was so nice to be able to see a few of my favorite people and eat at a few of my favorite places!  

And, I realized that I never blogged about going back to Indiana a few months earlier for a girls weekend with my friend, Tara!  She was my first real Dave touring buddy and it was so nice to be able to see a show with her again.  We always said we would be old and gray and still stalkin' Dave on tour, and we have kept our word! :)

And, some oldies....

11 August 2016

Miscellaneous July

Here are a few pictures that didn't have a home ;) 

➸➸ The girls have been dressing up in old dance clothes and making up tons of dances lately!  They are so cute to watch, and boy do they have some dance moves! 😳

➸➸  Sydney and I had fun at Hobby Lobby one afternoon...her Poppa Peter used to work for Sinclair oil! (Clearly we did this during Circus Camp week! Ha)

➸➸  We went to see The Secret Life of Pets with Nate!  Nate asked if he and Olivia could sit in a different row than me and Sydney! 😳😳😳

➸➸  The girls had Ava spend the night before school started.  They got root beer floats AND donuts the next morning!  Lucky girls! 

➸➸  Sydney got her hair cut just in time for school to start!  It looks cute long, but OH MAN, I sure do love it when it is short!  We made a whole day of it and got pampered with hair and nails.  :)

Summer Bucket List: Legoland Discovery Center

One of the things on our Summer Bucket List was the new Legoland Discovery Center.  We decided to give Riley a snack bag and an invitation to go along with us as her birthday present!  The four of us had a BLAST riding the rides, building things with the legos, watching the videos, and the three kids had fun in the climbing structure!  After we explored for awhile, we walked through the mall and grabbed a quick bite to eat and then oooohhed and aaaahhhed over the cute puppies in the pet store!  It was such a fun way to spend one of our last days of summer!

➹ I LOVED seeing all of the Arizona miniatures on display! ➹