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22 March 2015

Gone Fishin'.... Again!

Poppy's pond got stocked with lots and lots of new fish and the weather has been beggggging us to be outside, so we've spent quite a few evenings fishing with Poppy!  The girls are having so much fun catching the little fish and are even able to reel them in on their own!

Thanks, Poppy, for always taking them off the hook for us!  ;)

Miscellaneous March

Seeing as how March is almost over, I better get on my monthly miscellaneous post! Here's a look at what we've been up to the last few weeks!

➸➸  The last morning of school before spring break, I had a few of the neighborhood kids come over for a cinnamon roll breakfast and then walked them all to school.  We are so lucky to have such great kids on our street!

➸➸  We've done lots of fishing with Poppy, but since I have so many pictures of that, I need to give it its own post!  But, we've also done lots of swimming too, especially over at Nana and Poppy's pool since it is heated and ours isn't.  

➸➸  We had some neighborhood friends over for a St. Patrick's day crafternoon and sleepover.  Sadly, I didn't take too many pictures.  The girls were great and had lots of fun!

➸➸  We've had several playdates with Reese and Riley...

➸➸  We planted some flowers and some veggies in Olivia's "Secret Garden" {because someone named Sydney has a tendency to pull the leaves off of them} and lo and behold, they haven't died yet!  

➸➸  We donned our green for St. Patrick's day....a couple times!

Phewwww...we've been busy!  See why I have hardly had time to blog?!

19 March 2015

Birthdays All Around

We celebrated the birthdays of our two favorite Cooper men this month, and what better way to do it than with sweet treats?!?!  We took Poppy out for dinner and ice cream for his birthday, celebrated again with blackberry cobbler, and then made one too many trips to Gigi's Cupcakes for Uncle Rhino's birthday!

My hips and thighs thank you for having birthdays so close together! ;)

18 March 2015

A Seusstastic Day

I've let two holidays and two birthdays go by without blogging.  If I weren't my own boss, I'd surely be fired.  

So, first up is the first holiday....that's not so much of a holiday, but we celebrated it pretty big this year.  And, if it weren't late, and this weren't completely overdue, I just might rhyme it for you. {See what I did there?!}  Because, it was Dr. Seuss's birthday and Read Across America!

We kicked off the celebration by waiting until the last minute to make shirts for the girls, but man, oh man, did they look adorable in what we made!  I saw something similar on Etsy and put our own little twist on it, and convinced our friend Angie to dust off her sewing machine so she could stitch around fabric on the shirts.  I just love love LOVE them!

➹ Angie also made the girls those adorable Dr. Seuss necklaces! ➹

I packed a Dr. Seuss themed lunch for Olivia {because Mama loves a theme} and even got to do it for Sydney the next day when she had lunch bunch at her preschool.  Nana volunteers on Mondays so she got to stick around for lunch to see Olivia it all the fun stuff.

We made little goody bags for her classmates like we did last year, but apparently I didn't take any pictures of them.  We stuffed them with a Dr. Seuss pencil, eraser, bookmark, and a little notebook that had a Dr. Seuss book cover on them.  They looked so cute and I know Olivia loved handing them out to her friends.  

I picked the girls up after school with some Dr. Seuss snacks and brought them home for a little play date at our house.  These girls are so lucky to have made such good friends this year!

➹ Hop on Popcorn! ➹

Sydney got to wear her shirt two days in a row {and it survived a trip through the washing machine} so that she could wear it to school on Tuesday.  Her teacher LOVED it and her lunch!

➹ She had such a good day, we celebrated with donuts! ➹

Olivia's class celebrated Dr. Seuss all week long and on Friday they got a visit from Thing 1 and Thing 2.  They were asked to wear red and made crazy hair to wear.  How great is this picture?!