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30 August 2014

Brooklyn's Birthday Bash

Last weekend, we were invited to Brooklyn's 4th Birthday party!  It was a swim party at her grandparents' house and it was absolutely perfect!  There was swimming (with the amazing rock slide), water balloons, two different trampolines, a piƱata, pizza, cupcakes and candy!  Seriously, it was the most perfect party.  Our girls had an absolute blast!

Sydney's Luau Party

My brother was in town about a week and a half before Sydney turned three.  We wanted to include him in her birthday celebration, so we decided to throw a little party for her before he left.  What better way to celebrate Sydney than with a little luau?!  We kept it very low-key...just lots of yummy food, some leis, and the pool.  (And, of course, a zillion pictures.)

23 August 2014

My Star of the Weeker

Last week, Olivia had the honor of being the Star of the Week in her kindergarten class.  We got the email about it on Friday afternoon, but let her surprise us when David picked her up after school.  She was SO excited.

Her first task was to make her very own Star of the Week poster to take into school on Monday morning.  The timing may not have been the best - David was flying out on Saturday, my parents weren't flying back in to town after being in Indiana for a couple of weeks until late Sunday night - and have you ever tried to make a project look good when you have a wild almost 3 year old running around?!  Fortunately, my brother was in town and was able to help us out some.

We spent most of Sunday afternoon putting together Olivia's poster.  We had lots of fun supplies on hand as well as lots of pictures already printed out.  We decided to divide the poster into different sections with pictures showing her friends, her family, and her favorite things.  We also decorated the poster with some punched out paper with little facts about her {favorite song, favorite food, favorite books, etc}.  I think it turned out really cute!

For the rest of the week, Olivia had to bring in something each day.  She took in some Palace Pets for Show & Share, Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse for the teacher to read out loud, her decorative fan from Hong Kong for the Mystery Bag, some popsicle and ice cream erasers for the estimation jar, and Otter Pops for her treats on Friday.  {They were already having ice cream as a treat that day, so I thought it would be better to have treats that they could have at home.  And, well, Otter Pops are one of Olivia's favorite summertime treats!}

Since Uncle Rhino was in town {and he loves a cafeteria lunch}, we went to her school to eat lunch with our special Star of the Weeker {as she referred to herself all week long}.

➹ We ran into Brooke there! ➹

There was definitely some extra work involved to have a Star of the Weeker, but it was worth every minute of it!

12 August 2014

Oh Just Another Miscellaneous One

I guess this two girls in school thing is kicking my butt.  I think it's more of the waking up before 7am and getting three girls out the door every morning that's doing it.  But, come 9pm, I am ready for bed!

We've been busy the last couple of weeks, but haven't really done anything too exciting.  David was out of town for 8 days {and my parents were on vacation that entire time}, so I was in single mommy mode.  Another reason for my extreme fatigue.

But, let's get down to business, shall we?  Want to see what pictures I've taken on my iPhone?  Well here's what we've been up to as of late.

➸➸ Trying out new methods of getting to and from school...

➹ Hitching a ride with an eagle was the most impressive! ➹

➸➸ Packing lunches:

Olivia is hooked on cheese and crackers.  I got some veggie cutters that are perfect for cutting animal shapes out of cheese slices.  David ordered a couple more sets for me.  I'm so excited to get them in the mail!  I'm so glad she likes having me pack her lunch!  I like knowing that she's getting healthy foods and I like seeing what she's eaten and what she hasn't when she comes home each day!

➸➸  Meeting up with friends {or should I say Eating up with friends}:

➹ Frozen Yogurt! ➹

➹ Pizza! ➹

➹ Ice Cream! ➹

➹ Lunch at school! ➹

➸➸ Lookin' cute:

➹ Red day at preschool. ➹