30 October 2013

It's Pumpkin Patch Time

Well, it took us 24 days into October to get to a pumpkin patch, but we did it.  And, we did it big!  Schnepf Farms is by far our favorite pumpkin patch out here.  In fact, this was our 3rd trip out there.  {Definitely go back and read about our first year there and our second year there.  So crazy to see how much our girls have changed!}

The first year we went, the weather was still in the triple digits, but we really lucked out with a gorgeous evening last Thursday.  I think it was smart of us to go on a weekday instead of a weekend because the lines for rides were short and it was not crowded at all.  Sydney is definitely at an age now where she can do more of the things there -- this year she was able to ride the bumblebee ride and the planes.  And, of course we did the pony rides and carousel.  We ran across Farmer Bob, the master of ceremonies for the pig races, on his bike while making our way to the rides and he told us to wink wink "sit down front where he could see us" during the show.  Both girls {and mom!} were called down to participate, so that was lots of fun.  When I read back on the past two years, I realized that Olivia has been called down each time!  She's a lucky little girl, I guess.

We had a great time this year, and as you can see, we got some really cute pictures from our night out!  {Sorry for including so many pictures, but it's so hard for me to choose just a few.  Love these girls to pieces.}

➹ All I want for Halloween is these two girls, looking at the camera and smiling, at the same time! ➹

➹ Note to self: No gum in the Christmas pictures. ➹

➹ When did she get to be such a big girl?! ➹

I probably took about 100 pictures in the pumpkin patch and then set the girls free!  I promised them the rest of the evening was theirs now since I had gotten the obligatory pictures out of the way!  I still managed to snap a few more of them while they were having fun...

➹ They rode this two or three times by themselves! ➹

➹ Riding in the back of the "Riggs" ➹

➹ The large slide was closed, but Sydney had fun going down the small one.  And, of course there is David right behind her! ➹

➹ Olivia rode Oreo the first year we went to Schnepf Farms.  Then last year she rode Apache, Oreo's brother.  And this year, she picked Apache again!  She must have a thing for black and white ponies. ➹

➹ Sydney rode Freckles last year and this year - totally by coincidence. ➹

➹ When I read about last year's trip to Schnepf, I was reminded that Sydney ran around down front before the pig races started.  She did the same thing this year and even danced with her sister.  It was the cutest thing! ➹

➹ What a difference a year makes!!! ➹

I am not including the video because I'm sure my mom doesn't want it plastered all over the internet {and it would surely go viral}, but she got called down front to do the "sooie" call for the pigs with two other women.  Mom belted it out louder and longer than the other two ladies and she had the crowd rolling with laughter!  Farmer Bob was very impressed!

I hope you haven't gotten your fill of pumpkin patch pictures yet because we hit up another one on Sunday and Liv has her school field trip to one tomorrow!  Stay tuned for a gazillion more pictures!

October Happenins

I have a few pumpkin patch picture sessions to share with you guys, but I wanted to share a few other pictures/things with you before I did that.  So, here's some randomness for your Wednesday.

➸➸ I am pretty much obsessed with these twirly skirts that I got {keep on getting...} for the girls.  They are upcycled skirts made from old t-shirts.  Olivia is even more obsessed with them and I think they look absolutely adorable in them.  Liv has 3 or 4 already, along with a few in her Christmas gift pile and a few more on their way.  Her favorite is the Hello Kitty one which she seems to wear at least 4 times a week.

These girls, I'm telling you.  They are either cracking each other up or screaming at each other while executing some WWF moves I've never even seen.  Sydney's new thing is to get a mouthful of cold water from the faucet when they are taking a bath and then spit it into Olivia's face.  They usually both crack up at this which only makes Sydney want to do it more.  Then they climb on each other's backs and crawl around the tub.  They are nuts.  Lately, Olivia has been going in with me to get Sydney after nap or when she wakes up in the morning and she always has something sweet to say to her when she sees her.  Yesterday morning it was, "Well, hi sugar.  You sure are gettin' to be a big girl, aren't you." I swear she even said it with a southern accent.  

It is sometimes tough though because I know Olivia would love some alone time or time to play with her friend across the street.  And, sometimes it would be so much easier just to let her go play and let Sydney have some time to play with all of her toys {and not just the ones big sister doesn't want at that moment}.  But, I know that it is my responsibility to cultivate the relationship between my two girls and that can't happen if they are each playing by themselves.  I have a strong desire for my girls to not only be sisters, but the best of friends as well.  They are well on their way to that and I am so excited to watch their relationship develop.

➸ Sydney and I are enjoying a couple of Mommy & Me classes together now that Liv is in Pre-K four mornings a week.  On Mondays, we take a Kindermusik class together and on Thursdays we go to a class at My Gym.  While she enjoys the music class, I think she really gets a kick out of the My Gym class.  We meet up with Liz and Zack, so naturally she's going to be thrilled, but I think she also likes being able to run around, climb on things and bounce on the trampolines.  Her two favorite things are the slide and the ball pit.  I like that she is able to burn off some energy too.  Makes nap time a little easier on me!

➸ Did I mention we are loving being outside?!

➸ After Olivia and I picked up David from the hospital, we ran into Target to drop off his prescription and wandered the aisles while we waited for it to be filled.  David picked up this leather jacket and after Olivia tried it on, there was no hanging it back up on the racks.  Later that night at dinner, I had her say, "It's handled!" Kerry Washington-style while closing her play phone. Best Target purchase in a long time!

➸ And a few random pictures of Olivia....

29 October 2013

October is for Crafting

I really love it when October hits and not just because the temperature drops from burning the soles of your feet through your flip flops to oh yeah this is what it feels to enjoy the outdoors, but because it is the start of the crafting season!  I love being able to do fun activities with the girls that center around a theme.  Mama loves a theme!  So, when I saw that a class was being offered to make some Halloween crafts in a place where I wouldn't have to fully clean up the mess, I was all over it!  We invited our friends Brooklyn and Zack to come along and we all had a blast making pumpkin and witch votive holders out of Mason jars, making Halloweeen picture frames and decorating Halloween cards.

➹ Liz took Sydney and Zack for a little walk and found a vending machine.  Her mouthful of Oreos explains why Liz is her favorite... ➹

➹ Clearly we did not brush her hair before we left.  But, would you look at those hearts on her card!!➹

➹ Such sweet friends! ➹

Apparently I didn't feel like that was enough Halloween crafting, so a few days later we invited our neighbor friend over to make a mess craft some more.  

It is really hard for me not to get all perfectionist on them when they are painting and coloring.  I don't know if it is the Age of Pinterest or what, but I want the finished product to be cute and perfect.  Liz totally laughed at me the whole time we were at our craft class because I kept touching up the paint so there wouldn't be any open spots on the picture frame.  I just have to realize that these are each their tiny masterpieces and I need to appreciate them for what they are...even if the pumpkin has a mustache and is wearing glasses without temples and the cat looks like it walked into a wet Jackson Pollock painting.  And I mean that in the sweetest way possible. :)

26 October 2013

Magnum's Platinum Run

Hard to believe, but our sweet boy is now a full-fledged teenager!  Yep, on the 11th of this month, Magnum turned 13.  We are so lucky to be his forever family.

We love you, Magnum Hound!