10 April 2014

If You See It In Your iPhone, It Must Be So

Olivia turns FIVE a week from today.  Crazy, right?  I've been working on her video slide show for the last week or so {even though I am nowhere near being done}, thus the radio silence from this here blog.  I figured it was about time to throw some pictures up detailing the trivial things we've been up to for the last couple of weeks.  Try not to get too excited.  ;)

➸➸ We did American Idol on the PS3.  David sang Knockin' on Heaven's Door and a week later as we drove home from Nana and Poppy's house, Olivia started singing,  Knock knock knockin' on Evan's knock... in tune and everything!  So, naturally, David had to play her the song so she could get the lyrics right too.

➸➸  We met some creatures.  Sydney cracks me up with all of these little animals.

➸➸ We made some messes.  My new favorite {or not so favorite} phrase is Sydney was here.

➸➸ We shopped at Trader Joe's.  I'm still ticked off at them for discontinuing my favorite chicken meatballs.  Can we sign a petition or something to bring them back?!

➸➸  We got a little attitude.  {Or maybe a lot.}

➸➸  We had game night!!  We love Thursday nights/Friday mornings around here.  Kindergarten is going to be a rude awakening for us.  If it weren't for the above look, I'd seriously consider homeschool just so we could start our mornings at 9:30.

➸➸ We swam.  And the girls channeled their inner Tinkerbell and Periwinkle and "touched" their wings so they would sparkle.  Sometimes they can be so sweet with each other.

➸➸  We tried on new helmets.  And, brought one home. {Any guesses on which one she chose?}

➸➸  We passed out invitations for her neighborhood birthday party.  

➸➸  We got ice cream.  Boy oh boy, these girls are loved rotten by their Poppy {and their Nana too}.  Olivia has a new smile she is working through.  Sydney is doing her best to mimic it.  

➸➸  We ate some healthy foods to counteract all that sugar!

Oooohh weee, I feel better now that you all know what we've been up to.  Don't you?

Chi-Town Whoa Now

At the end of March, I was able to escape my duties as Mom and throw on my BFF/baby shower party hostess hat for a weekend in Chicago.  And, let me just say, there's no better person in the world to visit than a 34 week pregnant woman!  All she wanted to do was sleep in, lay around and watch tv, and eat.  HELLO, my kind of vacation!

I had so much fun just hanging out with Michele.  She is such a kind, funny, all-around amazing girl. The time flew by way too fast.

I was able to take a few maternity pictures for her and her husband.  They were perfect models!  {So much easier taking pictures of cooperative adults as opposed to my two girls.  Our session was over in like 10 minutes and I had tons of cute pictures to choose from!}

Michele's baby shower was at Giordano's in one of the suburbs and the food was out of this world.  Seriously most delicious pizza ever.  Everyone had a blast and I'm so glad the party was a success.  No one deserves it more than Michele.

I can't wait to meet that sweet little baby boy next month!!!

02 April 2014

Getting' Our Renaissance On

A couple of Sundays ago, we packed the kids up and headed out to the Renaissance Festival.  It only ran on the weekends and was only going to run through the end of March, and this was pretty much our last chance to check it out.

We should have known that the day was going to be a little rocky when the morning started off with a giant temper tantrum over a donut.  But, we trekked on and got to enjoy a little bit of the festival before another tantrum ensued.  And, you know, in keepinitreal, we'll always remember this adventure as the one where David carried Olivia kicking and screaming out of the Renaissance Festival.

➹ This face here?  We saw this one a lot that day. ➹

➹ This ride was so cool.  It was completely powered by the "pirates." ➹

➹ This may have been the reason I was so excited to go to the festival.  GREYHOUNDS! ➹

➹ These acrobats were amazing! That's a kid they pulled from the audience!  How lucky was he?! ➹

➹ My sweet little girl!  She'd make a brave knight for sure! ➹

28 March 2014

St Patrick's Day Photo Shoot

Last year when I did my daily photos on Instagram, I never missed a day.  I'm not doing so hot with my project this year which was to do a mini photo shoot once a week.  I'm maybe averaging once a month.  As my dad would say, What it is, what it is!

Sweet Sydney girl's allergies were bothering her, so pretty much every picture I tried to take was of her with puffy eyes and a runny nose.  She wasn't feeling the photo shoot, so I eventually gave up and just focused on Olivia.  She's turning into quite the little model.

St. Patrick's Day Fun

It should be totally obvious that I love a theme.  I love dressing my girls in theme and doing crafts/activities that revolve around a theme.  So, even though St. Patrick's Day was the day after we came home from our trip, I still had a stack of fun activities ready to go for the girls {and their neighbor friend}.

➹ I sent the girls on a little scavenger hunt.  The treasure at the end was a shamrock cookie and rainbow Gobstoppers. The girls loved it so much that we have done it at least ten times since! ➹

➹ I bought a box of Lucky Charms and the big girls did a cute graphing activity with it.  ➹

➹ In between activities, the girls colored lots of pictures. ➹

➹ I'm convinced the girls ate more Froot Loops than they put on the rainbow, but hey, what are you going to do?  ➹

➹ We finished the day with green spaghetti! ➹

Seriously, my girls are the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.  I love them so much and am so happy that I'm able to stay home with them and do all of these fun things with them.