20 October 2014

Kindergarten School Pictures

We got Olivia's school picture back on Friday and I just love it!  She looks so grown up.  I've never thought that I would want to have one of those frames with every years' school picture in it, but man, I'm changing my mind now!

And look at her compared to the last two years!  SO grown up!

Love this sweet girl so much.

Ohhhhhh, Maui {Posers}

We definitely took advantage of the natural backdrops around our condo for some sweet pictures of our girls.  Oh how I wish I had taken my big camera with me (sort of).

And, unless I find some pictures on David's phone that just HAVE to be shared, this concludes our Maui Adventure posts.  Until next time, Hawaii!

17 October 2014

Ohhhhhh, Maui {Our Private Beach}

I really, really LOVED where we stayed this time in Maui {Kahana Village}.  There weren't a ton of people staying there because it was off-season, so we practically had the place to ourselves.  The beach wasn't huge, but it was definitely big enough for us and most days we were the only people there.

The girls were in heaven digging in the sand and splashing in the water.

There were two Australian families staying in a unit right by ours and the girls had so much fun playing with them.  We exchanged addresses, so hopefully they can be pen pals!

13 October 2014


Happy 14th Birthday to Magnum Hound and Happy 6th Birthday to this little ol' blog!  

Ohhhhh, Maui {Horses and Magic}

Here's the Cliffs Notes version of the next two days in Maui.  David, Ryan, and I went horseback riding and then after dinner at Duke's went to see my favorite magic show in Lahaina -- Warren and Annabelle's.  Sadly, we didn't get any pictures of me with Warren, but I hugged him on our way out and he did a magic trick for me.  He gave me two coins and when I squeezed my hand tight, one disappeared and then reappeared in his hand!  WHAT?!  Anyway, we sent my parents there the next night and made sure that my dad had a $100 bill in his wallet in the hopes that he would be part of the show.  Sure enough he was!  I highly, HIGHLY recommend going to Warren and Annabelle's if you ever get the chance -- such a great show!

➹ This one's a framer! ➹

12 October 2014

Ohhhhhh, Maui {Easy Riders & Old Lahaina Town}

Every time we go to Hawaii, my friend Michele tells me to check out her friend's bike tour business, Maui Easy Riders.  They drive up to the top of the Haleakala Volcano and then bike down 25 miles on a curvy road.

No thanks has always been my response.  But, this time around I tried to be a little more adventurous.   So, I went.  And, it was scary.  But also kind of fun and cool.  Our guides were laid-back and awesome, and the best part was when we stopped in a little town on the way down and they bought us all donuts on a stick!

We stopped by a roadside fruit stand afterwards.  Ever tried sugarcane?  Yeah, don't.  

Ryan had been promising Olivia ice cream or shave ice or both for being such a great girl on the plane rides out, so that afternoon we went out for that.  The ice cream didn't pan out, so it was shave ice for all of us!  I don't think I mentioned this, but I put a few blank hard back books from the Target dollar bin in her backpack on the ride out and she spent most of the week writing and drawing about the trip.  It was amazing and I hope she keeps that book forever.

The next day, David went on a morning scuba trip so we took the girls into Lahaina Town to walk the shops and check out the banyan trees {and, okay, get treats}.   If you go to Maui, you MUST stop in the ice cream shop Banyan Treats and get an ice cream cookie sandwich.  It's AMAZING. 

Such a gorgeous day to be outside!

10 October 2014

Ohhhhhh, Maui {The Luau}

In our various trips to Hawaii, we have done three different luaus.  The first was to Paradise Cove and the second was to Germaine's, both on Oahu.  The thing with those luaus is that you have to board a giant tour bus and sit in traffic for {what feels like} hours before getting to your destination.  Paradise Cove was great, with lots of activities to do before the show, but Germaine's was not as good in my opinion.  {But, maybe I was just over it after trying to keep two kids busy on a tour bus.}  

Anyway, the Old Lahaina Luau was probably 15 minutes from our condo and we were able to drive there with no traffic and park right in the lot.  That earned them a few stars right there!  This luau was probably my favorite of the three, especially factoring that in.  They had lots of activities beforehand and the food and dancing were amazing.  

Before the actual luau began, the girls learned about the instruments used, did a little hawaiian bowling, and watched the pig get uncovered.  {Sydney did NOT like that.  At one point, she grabbed my face in her hands and made sure I was looking directly at her when she said, "Dose people want to eat dat pig! And dat is not good!"}  We were all given leis and thank goodness for those purple orchids, because that was pretty much all Olivia ate while we were there.  She sat down front with David during the dancing and when she came back up, her lei had NO flowers left on it!  David got a little concerned when he looked down at it and had to google if she could OD on orchids.  {She couldn't, thankfully.}

Want to see some pictures?  Here ya go:

➹  She was a pro at tapping these rocks together! ➹ 

➹  What a view! ➹ 

➹  You can thank me for not showing you what's under these leaves! ➹ 

➹  You would think the dessert tray would be my favorite, but I didn't care for anything on that tray.➹ 

➹  This was her snack for the rest of the week!  Ha. ➹