06 July 2015

Vacation Bible School

The first week of summer vacation, the girls participated in Vacation Bible School at our church.  {Well, sort of....Sydney stayed for it the first two days, but missed me a little too much to stay the rest of the week.}  Olivia and Riley loved it and had so much fun singing the songs, doing the crafts, and learning the lessons.  The theme was Everest: Conquering Challenges With God's Mighty Power.  At the end of the week, the kids all got on stage in the church and sang a few of their songs for the parents.  It was so cute seeing them do their moves!

➹ We had to take Magnum to the vet one day after VBS, and Sydney was so sweet to share her chicken nuggets with him! ➹

➹ One day, we took the crew to Wendy's afterwards.  It was loud and crazy! ➹
➹ Also, please look at Sydney's mismatched shoes!  All day, every day! ➹

It was such a fun week!  I know Olivia is already excited for next year!

03 July 2015

Everybody Dance Now! {The Story of a Dance Mom}

At the end of May {on Nana's birthday to be exact}, the girls danced in their end-of-the-year dance recital!  Their theme was Sweet Shoppe Soiree, and both girls had two dances each.  Sydney had been taking a tap/jazz combo class on Monday mornings and Wednesday evenings, and Olivia had been taking a musical theatre class on Wednesday evenings and a hip-hop class on Thursday afternoons {with Brooke}.  Traveling to dance three times a week was a lot and I was starting to feel like a dance mom, what with all the anxiety I was having over their performances.  Did I mention that of the 31 days in May, 18 of those had either a dance practice, pictures, a rehearsal or a performance?  To say that dance consumed our May is an understatement.  But it was all worth it in the end.

The day before the recital, we had our dance rehearsal.  The girls wore their recital shirts to practice the finale bow before it all began.  We had four dances to perform, but lots more to sit through before it was their turn.  I wanted to make sure to be here for this because I wanted Sydney's first experience on the stage to be one with her sister and good friends.  I was most worried about her and how she would do.  Of course, I was not worried one bit about finale bow practice, and that's the one where she melted down.  Once I got backstage, she did great though and that really set the tone for the other two dances.

Ms. Sheri went and picked the girls up some Chick-Fil-A, and we broke a few rules eating out in the lobby.  Once they finished eating, it was time to change into the costumes, then dance, then change, then dance some more.  Rinse and Repeat.

These two looked so cute in their Hard Knock Life costumes!  I'm so proud of how great they did!

Brooke and Olivia did their practice twice because their performance included several of the hip hop groups all intertwined into one.  The setting of their dance story was a soda shop.  Olivia was the boss of the shop and a couple times she has to use her bossy motions to get the kids to work and to stop a group of rowdy tots from partying in the shop.  She embraced that role and {in my opinion} really stole the show!

As I had mentioned before, we worked hard on getting Sydney's straight hair to curl.  It ended up really cute for the day of the recital.  

Once we got the girls made up, we took a few pictures of them in their costumes of their first dances. Liv's first one was the Soda Shop performance, {her little group song was to a Nine to Five remix} and Sydney's was her tap performance to the song If All of the Raindrops Were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops.

We hired our neighbor/babysitter to stay backstage with Sydney and Olivia to help them with costume change and to make sure Sydney stayed excited about dancing.  I'm so glad that I did - I felt good knowing she was in good hands backstage and it allowed me to worry only about the 8-10 minutes of performances and enjoy the other 75 minutes of the show!  

The girls did AWESOME in all of their performances!  We were all so excited and proud of them!  

➹ Olivia LOVES her hip hop teacher! ➹

While we were at the recital, we got our dance pictures back from the weekend before.  Oh my gosh - they turned out SO great!  Love these little beauties!

➹ Hard Knock Life 

➹ Nine to Five 

➹ If All of the Raindrops were Lemon Drops and Gum Drops 

➹ Sugar Pie Honey Bunch 

07 June 2015

Olivia's Kindergarten Graduation

Olivia graduated from kindergarten with the cutest little graduation program.  She had been practicing the songs for over a month and it was so cute to see all the kindergarten classes on stage in their graduation caps and gowns singing their little hearts out.  I still cannot believe in a little over 6 weeks, my big girl will be in the first grade!

➹ Our last morning drop off. ➹

➹ Our neighbor made signs for his daughter's kindergarten class and then made signs for Olivia and some of her friends.  We held them up in the audience for her to see on stage.  I loved seeing her big smile every time we held them up for her. ➹

➹ Before walking on to the stage with her classmates. ➹

The ceremony was over before lunch time, so we took the girls to brunch with Riley's family.  After brunch, we went back home to gather our supplies so we could set up a free lemonade stand for the kiddos leaving school at the regular time.  The 6th graders have a clap out where all the kids from the school line up outside and clap as they leave their building for the last time.  Our girls were so excited to give out lemonade and cookies to the kids as they walked home.  And, I never would have guessed that we would have run out of lemonade before cookies!

➹ Pretty sure we started a new tradition! ➹

After cleaning up what was left from our lemonade stand, we came to our house to swim in the pool and use our new pool toy!  Our neighbor gave us this slide that he had made and used with his grandkids.  It has been the perfect addition to our pool and the neighborhood crew has used it non stop!  Sadly, we can't get Sydney to give it a try.

As if our day couldn't get any more full, we went over to Riley's house for pizza and then walked to the park to release a couple of paper lanterns.  What a full and fun way to celebrate graduating from kindergarten!