23 April 2015

You Say It's Your Birthday...Well Then Have Cinnamon Rolls

Well, another year has flown by, and Olivia now needs both hands to show how old she is.  Was it really 6 years ago that I was snuggling with her in the hospital and trying to figure out how to get her to sleep??  Hmmm, let's see, some things haven't changed that much....

We had our traditional cinnamon roll breakfast, and then got the surprise of the day when Riley and her dad came over with balloons and donuts for the birthday girl!

Poppy gave Olivia a great birthday treat with a golf cart carriage ride to school!  She was so excited!

I brought Olivia a warm quesadilla for her lunch, and then dropped off some mini cupcakes for her class to enjoy that afternoon.  She felt so special, and I was so happy that she included her sister in her special day.

I knew Olivia would want to spend time with her friends that evening, so we invited the neighborhood crew over for some pool/hot tub time, pizza, birthday video, and ice cream cake.  It was such a fun afternoon, and the perfect day for my sweet six year old!

Happy 6th Birthday, Olivia!

22 April 2015

April Wrap Up

I know - it's not even the end of April or beginning of May, and I'm already working on wrapping up the month.  What is wrong with me?!  But, we've got two birthdays to write about, a Fairytale night at school, and a trip to Disneyland coming up, so we've got to get all of this miscellaneous stuff out of the way first!

Major life events for the beginning of April -- we went out to eat with Nana and Poppy, we've been swimming in the hot tub, Olivia made a family crest for school, and Sydney {obviously} painted something at preschool!  Want to see proof?  Here ya go!

07 April 2015

Another One of Those Hodge Podge Miscellaneous Posts

Because, let's face it, that's pretty much what all of these blog postings are anymore.  Instagram killed the blog post?  Or maybe that was two kids and crazy schedules and early mornings and school commitments and lack of sleep that did that.  Either way, we're here with pictures and commentary.  :)

➸➸ Poppy had a big week of golf with a 3-day tournament {Americans vs Canadians} and an award ceremony where he was recognized for being the Sunbird Club Champion!  Way to go, Poppy!  So, of course we had to go to support him.

➸➸  Speaking of Poppy, he had a couple special dates with Olivia last week.  He went to school for popcorn chicken lunch and dined with her and her friends, and then picked her up on Saturday for a date to the movies so they could see Home.  

➸➸  We had a great Easter Sunday.  Sadly, I didn't get a family picture, or many pictures for that matter.  But, guess what?  It was still a great day!

➹ Doll skirts made from their Liberty of London bloomers!  How cute?!  ➹
➹ She peeled three or four eggs by herself and did awesome!  That tongue had to come out though.  Ha! ➹

➸➸  And, let's end it with some cute pictures of the girls!  

22 March 2015

Gone Fishin'.... Again!

Poppy's pond got stocked with lots and lots of new fish and the weather has been beggggging us to be outside, so we've spent quite a few evenings fishing with Poppy!  The girls are having so much fun catching the little fish and are even able to reel them in on their own!

Thanks, Poppy, for always taking them off the hook for us!  ;)