23 February 2010

Just Trying to Keep Up With the ButtonsMcSweets of the World*

Olivia is starting to "upgrade" to the big girl bath (solo). It's taking her some getting used to because it's so slippery - we need to get some of those stickies for the bottom of the tub because she doesn't want to stay still on the foam pads - but she's starting to get the hang of it.

Try not to overdose from all the cuteness.

* If you haven't checked out my friend Jill's blog, you are truly missing out on reading snippets from a brilliant writer. She is back to blogging on a regular basis and has been on a hot-streak as of late. You can check her out here!

22 February 2010

One That Doesn't Involve Eggs

I'm not going to tell Olivia that my blog about breakfast burritos got more attention than some of the posts about her ---- that might hurt her itty bitty feelings.

But, since it was SO popular,  I figured you all were starving for a new recipe to add to your kitchen collection.  This one is a FAM favorite and is a really simple meal to make.  I personally love making it because I can do it quickly while Olivia is napping and I don't have to spend hours in the kitchen.  And, did I mention that it usually makes enough for yummy leftovers the next day?

Beef Stew
2 boxes of beef broth
1-2 pounds of stew meat (we like it heavy on the meat)
medium onion
salt & pepper
**You can substitute different vegetables - parsnips, sweet potatoes

Combine 2 cups of beef broth, stew meat and onion (cut up) in a large stock pot and bring to a boil.  (Salt and pepper to taste).  Keep the meat boiling over medium-high heat for at least an hour, covered.

Add cubed potatoes, carrots and chopped celery to the meat.

Add water if needed to ensure that the vegetables are covered.  Continue to cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally, for at least an hour.  We always think the longer it cooks, the better it is.  Just make sure you don't run out of juice!!

Serve with a french baguette (mmm, from Schwan's) and you are golden!

*Thanks Uncle Hank for this delicious recipe!

21 February 2010

You Can Go Ahead and Call Me a Copycat, Just Ask Me Why I Did It!

I stole this off of Lauren's sister's facebook site and thought it could turn into something fun on this blog.  If you look to the right side of my page, you can see the title "Ask Me Anything."  Underneath that (I cannot say that without thinking of the Cakewreck's signature cake) you will see the link where you can ask me any question and I have the opportunity to answer it back.  Be nice, as I'll not be answering anything I wouldn't want my husband or mother to read because they do make up about 1/3 of my readership.  The questions are anonymous, so ASK AWAY!

20 February 2010

Dinner and a Movie

So, I just deleted about 3 paragraphs that went into way too much detail describing our Dinner and a Movie night, and I'm really just ready for bed. I'm pretty sure you can figure out what we did - and what we plan on doing at least once a month - picked a cool movie and made food that corresponded to that movie.*

Since our first Triple Date night was the night before Valentine's Day, we chose Breakfast at Tiffany's and had (here comes a real shocker) breakfast for dinner. The movie, which only one of us had seen, was quirky and fun, and the food? Well, it was all divine. Go ahead, take a look-see and just try to tell me you won't be beating down our door next movie night.

Chocolate-covered strawberries, a (ahem) fruit bouquet, and chocolate-covered Ruffles.  Because, seriously, who doesn't eat chocolate-covered Ruffles for breakfast?!

And to your right, Bakerella's Pancake Muffins, cupcakes (go ahead, zoom in on that piping), potatoes O'Brien, croissants from Giuseppe's, and a missing fire roasted pepper frittata. 

There's that frittata...er, what's left of it.

And, check out this little muffin here!

She only got to stick around for dinner.

Her Valentine's Day outfit

Love Love Love

Oh yes, back to the dinner.  We did actually have people over and I did my best to jazz the place up a bit.

We finally got to break out our wedding china!  And, those are Tiffany candlestick holders that we got as a wedding present.

Girls on the left, boys on the right.

Apparently Lauren and Pepper were the only ones who got the memo that this was a GROUP picture.  No worries Katie, we know you were drunk.

Seriously, she is/was/will always be the BEST date ever.

*A special thanks to Irma for giving us this idea.  It's so wonderful to have great friends who will come down to our house, party with our BABY, and allow us to enjoy a date night without worrying about leaving Olivia for the night.

Suggestions for the next one?

17 February 2010

Cut From the Same Cloth

The other night, David gave Olivia a slice of his watermelon radish that he was snacking on.  I'm sure the cold veggie felt good on her two top teeth that are just waiting for the right moment to pop on through the gums.  I snapped about four or five pictures of the two of them chomping away and am cracked up about how in each of the pictures their gestures and expressions are the same.

I'm not kidding you - those are the first four pictures I snapped of them.  Aside from being obsessed with her Papa, she clearly also takes after him.

Here are a few more cute ones of just her.

P.S.  Happy 10 Month Birthday, Baby Girl.  XOXO

14 February 2010

I Love Her, She Loves Me

I totally want to blog about the first date night we've had in a loooong time, the great night we had last night watching Breakfast at Tiffany's on our at-home triple date (+1 counting Olivia, +3 counting Pepper and Magnum) and the nothing spectacular but totally fun day we've had today, but I would much rather play with Olivia as she pushes her shopping cart all over the family room.

So, I'm just going to leave you with this - this picture I've been wanting to post for the last few days but wanted to wait until Valentine's Day to do it.

Yep, that's Olivia signing back "I love you" to me.  Oh, how I love her....

08 February 2010

The Food Was Super, The Company Was Super, But the Bowl? Notsomuch!

This blog would have been a heckuvalot cooler had the Colts brought home the big Dub-Ya Sunday night, but they didn't.  At least they didn't lose to the Patriots.

We had a great time on Sunday with a few friends making their way down to our house.  And, seriously, we had enough food to feed the neighborhood.  I really have nothing spectacular to say about the party -- nothing overly hilarious happened, there was no drama to detail, but the food was dee-lish and Olivia looked stinkin' cute, so that's pretty much why I'm blogging about the Superbowl.  And, I'm not ashamed to admit it.

Olivia's Pre-Game Attire

Game Day!!

She will keep this onesie for FOREVER!

She gets so serious sometimes.

David shook out all of the good luck.

Really, she is just too cute.

I couldn't leave out my baby boy!


So, I used my dad's recipe on the wings.  And, they were so good.  But, they did not even compare to how good they are when my dad makes them.

And my mom's cheeseball?  Well, it was a WEEEE bit salty.  But, we can blame that on the recipe that SHE wrote saying to use 1 TBS of Lawrey's salt.  When I asked her on the phone (after making it) how much salt she uses, she said, "Oh, I don't measure it.  I just shake a little out."  Thanks for the bloating.

Best $4.99 I ever spent!

Playing Catch Up

Wowsa!  The time with my parents flew by so quickly.  I did get several things wiped off of my to-do list and managed to catch up on a little sleep as well.  I got my hair done, bought myself some new clothes, and got a pedicure with my pops.

You think that smile is cute?  You should see him when they start buffing his heels!

The best they could do at an Asian salon in Arizona.  Yep, those are horseshoes!  (Make one comment about my toes and I'll reach right through this computer and pop you one!)

Even with all that pampering, the highlight of my trip was just spending time with my family.  It is so, so, soooo difficult being this far away from them.  It was hard when it was just me and David, but now with Olivia, it is even more difficult.

I know not everyone has a fabulous relationship with their parents, and I truly feel so blessed that I do.  While I would love to live much (MUCH) closer to them, I am grateful for the times that I can spend with them.  I know it is not always easy for David to spend time away from me and Olivia, so I am super thankful to him for allowing us to go.

So, here are a few more pictures from the trip.  Stay tuned for a Superbowl post later today or tomorrow.

Poppy fed her breakfast almost every morning so I could sleep in. 

Rooting on IU - it was a rough week to be a Hoosier.

She loves her Uncle Ryan and cousin Peyton!

Another big thanks to Mom and Dad for taking such good care of us while we were out there.  We really enjoyed our time with you guys.  XOXOXO

02 February 2010

Sleep is for Sissies

UGH. We were not blessed with a baby who "sleeps like a baby." She has a lot of wonderful qualities, but being a great sleeper is not one of those. Nine and a half months into this and we are still struggling. I know what some of you moms out there are going to tell me to do, and I just can't do it...yet. And, don't even think about Olivia's Nana, 'cuz she can't do it either. So for the last several days and nights, we've been kind of swapping shifts. And, it's been SO nice. I've been able to sleep in a few mornings until 9:15! I know, sounds great, right? It would be even more awesome if I hadn't been woken up multiple times the night before by a baby wanting to spend the night attached to me, but nonetheless, the sleeping in is fabulous.

My mom is loving every second of our visit because it means she gets to hold, feed, soothe, and play with Olivia whenever she wants.

Olivia had her first real bath a few nights ago and promptly christened it with a poop. And, while I took a picture of it for prosperity's sake, I'm not going to post it on here. Yeah, there's a first time for everything.

Of course, our child who REFUSES to sit still had to crawl all over the bathtub!

That's just a washcloth...

I really got the royal treatment today not only getting to sleep in, but also getting my hair highlighted and doing some shopping for ME. I haven't done that in so long, I'm pretty sure I have forgotten how. Brianna, I NEED YOUR HELP!! But, Olivia was so great the entire time - playing with my mom and not fussing once while I shopped.

Readers, I must truly love you to post this picture. Nahhh, I just know you'll be focusing on that precious baby in my arms and not me!

The fun hasn't even begun to start as my brother doesn't get out here until Thursday...and then it's restaurant after restaurant after restaurant. I can already feel my jeans getting tighter.