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28 May 2014

Hey Doug, This Post is For You

Despite the water being a little on the ch-ch-ch-chilly side {and cloudy, if I'm being totally and completely honest}, our pool is open for business.  So, for the next few weeks, until we head to California for a good chunk of our summer break, you are probably going to see quite a few pool pictures.  Aannnndddd, you're welcome.

Anywho, we spent our Memorial Day splashing around in the water, grilling hot dogs, and stuffing our faces with food.  It was pretty darn nice if I do say so myself.

Want to see some pictures?  Ohhhh, twist my arm.

➹ Squirting us with a nozzle that isn't attached to a hose!  Love this girl! ➹

➹ I couldn't choose a favorite.  And, man oh man, she just looks so grown up! ➹

➹ She looks like her Poppa Peter here.... ➹

➹ ... and her Poppy here! ➹

Farm Living is the Life For Me

Over the weekend, we celebrated Olivia's friend's birthday at a local pony ranch.  I'm really, really digging this whole birthday party someplace other than your house idea!  Both girls had a blast celebrating Brooke turning 6.  They loved on baby bunnies, rode ponies, ate pizza, cupcakes & sno-cones, and even went on a princess carriage ride.  And, did I mention, they came home with a giant bag of pony/horse related goodies?!

➹ We need a bunny STAT! ➹

➹ Such sweet friends.  Olivia wanted Brooke to be by her side the entire time. ➹

➹ The day these ripped up jeggings become to small for her.... is the day I pass them down to Sydney. ➹

➹ Smallest girl, biggest pony.  Biggest girl, smallest pony.  Yeah, that makes sense. ➹

➹ This little boy LOVED Sydney.  He kept calling her "Cutie" to which she replied, I'm NOT a CUTIE!" 

➹ She wanted us to take this picture and send it to Uncle Rhino! ➹

As if that day wasn't fun enough, the girls ended up down the street in the afternoon at the neighbor's pool party!  Lucky girls!

27 May 2014

My Pre-K Graduate!

After two magnificent years of preschool, Olivia officially graduated from Pre-K last Friday.  She had a special celebration at a local church where she crossed the stage to pick up her diploma, she sang a few songs with her class, and also did her dance that she's been learning at her dance class after school.  I have to admit, I was a little worried about how she would do on stage with her dance.  She seemed to get a little stage fright at Christmastime when she was on stage singing with her class.  But, she seriously nailed it.  We were all so proud of her.

I can't believe that in less than 2 months, she will be going to kindergarten!  It really doesn't seem like that long ago that I was signing her up for preschool two afternoons a week.  We pulled out her handwriting book from her first year of preschool and it is amazing how far she has come academically.  I know she loved school this year and made lots of friends, and we are looking forward to seeing what the next school year holds for her!

And, now, a gazillion and one pictures of my little Dean's List Graduate!  

➹ Olivia with her sweet little buddy, Caleb. ➹

➹ Her buddy, Cristian. ➹

➹ Addison is such a sweetie. ➹

➹ She may be a Pre-K graduate, but I can still pick her up and carry her! ➹

➹ Flashback to her first day of Pre-K! ➹

➹ Her last day of Pre-K! ➹

➹ A little side-by-side action! ➹

➹ Her spring pictures from school. ➹

➹ Her graduation picture from school. ➹