31 July 2016

Snapchat Fun

We interrupt the Summer Bucket List series to post some of the selfies we've been taking with the Snapchat filters.  My girls are OBSESSED!!

➹ Am I the only one who thinks he looks like Chevy Chase?! ➹

➹ I almost should tag this one because I'm pretty sure this picture was from our "Stay in our PJs all day" bucket list item! 

Summer Bucket List: American Girl Cafe

One of my favorite activities of the summer was going up to Scottsdale to eat at the American Girl Cafe and shop in the store.  The girls, especially Olivia, just absolutely love going there and we could spend hours browsing the store.  We were lucky to have Nana join us for this fun summer adventure!

Of course, the girls dressed to coordinate with their dolls!  They looked adorable!  And, Liv's favorite part of the meal was the little box of conversation starters.  She wanted to read all of the questions, but never wanted to answer them! ha!

➹ Nana spoiled the girls and got each of the dolls a new outfit! ➹

Such a fun day!

Summer Bucket List: The Scottsdale Civic Center Library

Another item on our Summer Bucket List was to visit the Civic Center Library in Scottsdale.  Olivia and I had a chance to briefly walk through it when we were taking a break from her dance rehearsal, but we didn't get to spend nearly enough time there.  I took home a flyer with their activities listed and decided to come back on the day they were doing a Paw Patrol activity.  What I didn't realize was that the activity was a coloring page and watching a couple episodes in a back room.

While that was a bust, we did have fun spending the rest of the morning there reading books and exploring the children's areas.

➹ She did this all on her own! ➹

And, we topped off the afternoon with a trip to the infamous Sugar Bowl!

Liv was just a baby last time we were there.  See it here

Summer Bucket List: The Children's Museum

When we went up to the Arizona Science Center, we passed the Children's Museum and the girls begged me to take them!  We hadn't been up there in forever, and so we decided to go up the very next day!

We asked Brooke to join us, and we laid out snacks and lunches and headed up ready to tackle it.  It's so crazy because I remember taking both girls up by myself and feeling SO overwhelmed, but this time, with them older, it was a breeze taking the three of them!  They were so well behaved and they had so much fun!

➹ Ack!  I just love her so! ➹

➹ This climbing structure is my least favorite thing at the museum... can you spot Brooke and Olivia? ➹

Summer Bucket List: Arizona Science Center for Father's Day

The girls and I wanted to do something special for David {and for my dad} this year for Father's Day, so we decided to make David a special bowl and Poppy a special mug from As You Wish.  Sweet Sydney also gave David a present she had made him in school!

Knowing that David would want to do something together as a family to celebrate Father's Day, we took him to the Arizona Science Center, where he TRULY had a blast!

➹ That's Sydney's eye!!! ➹

➹ Olivia had done her bug report on the praying mantis, but this giant one scared her a lot! ➹

We girls sure are lucky to have such amazing fathers in our lives!  Love you both!

Summer Bucket List: Spanish Camp

I have to say that I am so very proud of Olivia this summer....she signed up for quite a few camps where she didn't know anyone.  One of those camps, was Spanish Camp.  It was offered through the school district and was open to students going into 2nd grade through 6th grade.  She was the youngest student in the class and was responsible for taking notes and everything.  She learned some conversational Spanish, numbers, color words, and parts of the body.  Not bad for only four mornings!

{Sydney and I enjoyed some Mommy and Me time while big sister was getting her Spanish on!}