24 June 2016

Tomorrow, Tomorrow, She'll Be Singing Tomorrow....

At the beginning of February, I signed Olivia up for voice lessons at a school of music near us.  I really just wanted to give her some more experience singing songs the right way since she sings pretty much 24/7.  At the end of May, they held a graduation recital at a performing arts center, and Olivia said she wanted to perform!  She did the entire song of Tomorrow from Annie, and while I know I am biased, I really think she was the best in her age group!  The recital was two hours looonnnnnggggg and most of it was piano.  Thankfully, Olivia was the second person to perform {the first voice} so she didn't have long to get nervous, and I didn't have long to get worked up.  Sydney was able to stick through about 4 songs total before David had to take her home.  I'm sure he was sad about that! :)

I really am so proud of her!  She practiced a lot and really nailed it.  We thought she may need the words and so we had them typed up on a sheet and had black card stock behind it.  She decided she didn't want to hold it, and when it was her turn to sing, Sydney grabbed the sheet and held it up {in the audience} for her to read!!!!!  It was THE cutest thing ever!  I don't know how Olivia didn't get distracted by that, but she just kept on singing.

She got a trophy, and oh man, she was proud of that!  

After the recital, we took her to dinner and she just looked so grown up after her day!

Pool Days!

Even before we hit triple digits out here, we have been enjoying our pool!  We are lucky that we can heat it up and enjoy sitting outside while the girls swim.  We've had lots of friends come over and the girls are loving their new backyard!

Miscellaneous May

I still need to post about Sydney's promotion ceremony and Olivia's voice recital, both of which happened in May, but before I get to those, here are some random happenings from last month!

➸➸  Star Wars Day is always a fun day for my girls to show off their cute clothes!  May the Fourth be with you!

➸➸  Poppy took Sydney to her Father's Day bowling outing for preschool, and they were voted Cutest Couple there!

➸➸  I made my mom friends these cute little gifts letting them know that I thought they were the bomb!  

➸➸  Ummmm, best picture of me EVER!

➸➸  The girls had their formal recital pictures taken.  Since they had the same song, their costumes were similar.  Liv wore a modified version of her costume from last year!  They looked cute together!

➸➸  The girls were complaining that their cereal was getting soggy, so I got them each the Obol bowl so that wouldn't happen.  #rotten

➸➸ When I boarded the plane for Indiana, I realized I needed to make some room on my cell phone by deleting some old pictures.  I have around 11,000 pictures on my phone, and despite the fact that they are all also on my computer, I have a serious issue when it comes to deleting them.  Anyway, I went way back into the archives of 2014 and when I looked at the first picture that popped up {which was not the first picture in my camera roll}, I realized that the outfit Olivia was wearing in the picture was the exact outfit we had packed for her to wear to school that day!  I sent it to my mom and had her take a picture of Olivia before she left for school.  Incidentally, that was a newer shirt...I loved it so and it was getting too small :)  Got to keep my kids in their DMB shirts!

➸➸  David and my dad worked SO hard on this play structure for the girls.  It has been MONTHS in the making.  David searched craigslist, bargained, secured, disassembled, and moved, and my dad helped sand, stain, and rebuild this thing.  Once our turf was put in, we were able to get it all put together and the girls have been LOVING it!  It was nice in the beginning of the summer {errr, when school was out} when it was still tolerable in the mornings.  I am excited for this winter when we can be outside all the time - I know where they will be!

➸➸  Did you guys stick with us through that whole blog?  Way to go!

Sydney's Going to Pre-K!!!

I took a little girls trip to Cincinnati with my college roommate, Tara, to go see Dave Matthews Band!  We had a great time, but I guess I should have checked Sydney's school calendar before I left because I ended up missing her little promotion ceremony.  They sing the cutest song in it and I am lucky I got to hear her practice it so many times before I left.  The girls were in the best of hands with David and my parents, and I even let Olivia miss a couple hours of school so that she could be in the audience to watch her little sister.  Here are some cute pictures from before the ceremony!

Clearly it was bright outside!

I think David has more pictures, so hopefully I can remember to add them here later!

I took Sydney out for breakfast with her friend, Hailey, for an end of the year hooray!  These two girls started out in the same preschool class last year and then took gymnastics classes together this year.  Hailey will go on to kindergarten this year and we will miss her so much!

I am so excited for my sweet girl to go to Pre-K.  I know she is going to learn so much.  She will be going 4 mornings a week, and I'm excited to plan some really fun Mommy and Me dates for our Fridays together before I have to send her off to kindergarten!  Just love her to pieces!

12 June 2016

Farewell, First Grade

We started a little tradition last year with setting up a free cookie/lemonade stand outside the school where some of the walkers walk by to get to our portion of the neighborhood.  Even though we don't live there anymore, we still wanted to set this up for the kiddos!  It is such a great way to end the year, and the kids love passing out the lemonade to their school friends!