29 December 2008

Magnum and his Lover

Dave and I are just about fully packed and are almost ready to leave for Puerto Rico. It has been a hectic day today with taking down our Christmas tree, putting away all of our awesome gifts, doing laundry, having a pre-Puerto Rico fashion show.... We also managed to squeeze in a workout AND order our furniture for the nursery and bought our car seat and stroller.

While we are gone, Magnum will be spending the week with his girlfriend (or is it wife now?) Gabby. He LOVES hanging out with Gabby and it is such a relief for us knowing that Magnum is in good hands with our friends Sandee and Ty. A huge thanks to the three of you for taking such good care of our baby boy while we are gone!

I'm not sure how legal this ceremony was since we performed it while Gabby's parents were on their honeymoon.

Here's a shot of the lovebirds from the last time Sandee and Ty watched Magnum. I think it was love at first sniff!

25 December 2008

Merry Christmas

The men are making Mom and me breakfast since we slaved in the kitchen yesterday for our Christmas dinner with my cousins, so I have a few minutes to spend on the computer. I just wanted to wish all of our friends and family who we couldn't be with this holiday a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS.

Here are some pictures from last night after we got home from Christmas Eve service.

So, this isn't in my parents' house...it was taken in our hotel lobby in DC, but we thought it was a cute picture.

Magnum opening (and eating) his rawhide Christmas card, laying on his new blanket and wearing his new Christmas collar (courtesy of our friend Amy).

Dave got a diaper bag made just for men. It was filled with a "dad" book and trivia quesions about babies.

This was probably my brother's favorite gift...and he bought it for himself!

I made Dad an IU blanket to help keep him warm on those chilly Arizona evenings.

22 December 2008

Cankles and a Canker Sore...thanks New Jersey!

For all my New Jersey readers out there (sorry Amy), your state is my MOST, least favorite state in the entire United States of America! And, yes, I know I just said most and least right next to each other, but I need to emphasize the extremes of the situation.

Dave and I have had a great work trip and are finally enjoying the start of our Christmas vacation...that's how I can find a few minutes to update the blog. Our trip was hectic, but the job went so much smoother than we anticipated after our initial walk-through of the campus. We were able to hang out with Kiel and Lauren a couple different times and also with Jill, Jeremy and Elsbeth on two different occasions. We had the opportunity to eat Ethiopian, Lebanese and Portugese all in our nation's capital!

We headed back to New Jersey Sunday evening and our trip took a turn south...even though we went north. We had been staying in some really nice hotels that I booked off of hotwire and got for half the typical price. Hotwire disappointed me in Jersey when our hotel reeked of cigarette smoke, the business center computers didn't work, and the room came with two extra-wide twin beds. Not to mention, it was soooo cold outside in NJ, Magnum refused to use the bathroom!

We got up at 3:45 yesterday morning to get to the airport early for our 6:40 flight back to LAX and encountered the LONGEST lines we had ever seen. I cannot describe how maddening it was in the Newark Airport trying to figure out what line went for what. We waited and waited and finally Dave ended saving the situation for us and we made our flight...barely!

After we got into LAX, we found our car and headed out to Arizona. When we finally got to my parents' house, I took a shower and looked down to discover that the lower half of my legs looked EXACTLY like my grandmother's! I HAD CANKLES, people, real life cankles. I spent two hours with my legs elevated and iced and slept with two pillows under my feet last night and miraculously woke up with my regular ankles. Now, this would not be a big deal if the rest of my body didn't feel swollen and bloated as well, but my ankles....I've always had good ankles. (I discovered that my cankles were caused because I wore socks and shoes - it was cold in New Jersey - during the entire 14 hour trip. I learned that I will NOT be doing that on our trip down to Puerto Rico next week.)

Oh yeah, and Dave started feeling the beginnings of a canker sore on the plane and by the time we got to Arizona, it was a full blown HOT MESS on his upper lip. So, we are thankful to be in Arizona where only good things happen to us!

14 December 2008

Five Months Down, Four To Go!

Well, even though most everyone says that they can't tell that I am pregnant, I am starting to feel like it shows a little bit more. I truly feel like this picture doesn't do my big belly justice, but with the million other things we have to do before we leave tomorrow, this is the best you are going to get! And, I am nowhere near as crazy as my friend Jill, so you will not be getting a full-on skin shot from me!

A quick update for all you who continue to say I don't look big enough, the doctor at our appointment last week took a measurement of my belly (from my belly button to a place only few people can go) and I am right at 22cm which is EXACTLY where I should be at 22 weeks. So, Baby Girl gets another A+ on her most recent exam! What a smart one.

Tomorrow starts my 23rd week and I figure I can fill a little blog space by telling you what our little Peanut is up to. She is about 11 inches long and weighs a little over a pound. She can hear loud noises and her sense of movement is well developed now. (So, she will be a happy camper when Dave and I bust out some pregnancy moves at Kiel and Lauren's wedding next month!) Her lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct and she is actually looking more like a baby and less like an alien.

On the Mom front, I am doing really well. I feel like my energy has fully returned, my skin (KNOCK ON WOOD) seems to have cleared up for a while and I am still not quite to the heartburn stage. I am also thoroughly enjoying feeling her move around and kick inside me. And, I know David enjoys feeling her kick as well. So, Mom, Lauren and Marissa, you should be able to feel her too when I see each of you next!

11 December 2008

The View From Up Here...

This is just a quick one as I should be finishing up getting ready this morning, but I had to post this before we left.

Last night, after David made me a wonderful dinner for date night, we were watching tv in the family room when our baby girl started kicking up a storm. Now, I just know she takes after her mother (actually her father too) because she is always more active after I eat something. David has been able to feel her kicking pretty steadily for the last week or so. So, last night, I lifted up my shirt (just to reveal my belly...) and told David to keep his eye below the belly button. We could actually SEE her kick. Well, not like feet or anything, but we could actually see the section of my belly jut out where she had kicked or punched.

It's amazing to see and feel, and I just really feel so blessed. I think back to the days where I was always so afraid that something was wrong with her because it was too soon to feel her, but now I am always reassured. And, she gives me an excuse to eat if I feel like I haven't felt her in a while! Good baby girl!

10 December 2008

Can We Sign This Baby Up for a Frequent Flier Number?

Tomorrow, Dave and I will embark on another one of our crazy three-week work/travel trips. We have been crazily preparing for this trip so that it can go as smoothly as possible. I thought it would be much more difficult to get our Christmas shopping done, our cards sent out AND continue to prepare for this baby (we've had nursery plans come through, another hospital tour, started our baby registry, had another doctor's appointment, and cured the gas pains - Praise God!). I'm feeling pretty good that we are pretty much packed, all necessary gifts are wrapped, and are able to have a date night tonight as soon as Dave finishes up some last minute work details.

So, for those of you who are just chomping at the bit to know what our schedule is - here you go:

Thursday 12/11 - Saturday 12/13: Head up for an install at Stanford and hopefully find a place to watch the IU vs UK game since it is going to be televised on CBS.

Sunday 12/14: Do laundry and pack for DC and Arizona. (Thanks U.S. states for having such different climates...it makes it SOOOO easy on us.)

Monday 12/15: Drive to LA and crash before our super early flight.

Tuesday 12/16 - Wednesday 12/17: New Joisey, here we come.

Wednesday 12/17 - Sunday 12/21: Head to DC and do an uninstall and installation and hang out with Kiel and Lauren and hopefully Jill and Jeremy. Head back to New Joisey and crash before our super early return flight.

Monday 12/22: Fly from NJ to LA and drive directly to Chandler, Arizona.

Tuesday 12/23 - Saturday 12/27: RELAX, EAT, and enjoy family time with the Coopers.

Sunday 12/28: Return home, drop off Magnum with his girlfriend, do laundry and pack for Puerto Rico.

Tuesday 12/30: Back to LA to catch a flight to Puerto Rico.

Wednesday 12/31 - Tuesday 1/6: RELAX, EAT, and enjoy the fabulous wedding weekend that Kiel and Lauren have been working so hard on planning in Puerto Rico!!

Ahhhh...I'm exhausted from just typing it out! But, we are looking forward to seeing our good friends and family. I am personally SO happy to not be large and in charge during all this travel time.

So, yeah, this baby needs a frequent flier number because she is racking up the mileage already!

05 December 2008

Attention Miss Dilettante

Dear Miss Dilettante,

I just read your 100th post, and while I tip my hat off to you for being so prolific, I feel the need to reply to your diatribe with a little rant of my own.

While I haven't complained much about this pregnancy, your update reminded me of some things going on in my body (ha! like I need any more reminder than a simple glance in the mirror). You and I are in the same boat when it comes to our hopes and dreams of being an adorable pregnant woman. When I had just found out I was pregnant, and even before, I would look at the cute round bellies of all the pregnant ladies and couldn't wait for the day to have one of my very own. Now, when I go into the baby stores or see them at the Farmer's Market, I secretly curse them. Why do their legs get to be skinny? Where is their back fat? Why does my belly look more like a beer gut and less like a home for a baby?

But, it doesn't just stop at the belly. Can someone please tell my chin that it is not 14 anymore? (The crows feet by my eyes seem to have gotten that memo!) I thought by second trimester, the hormones would level out some. I know they have to a degree because it was less worse than it was around Halloween time when I should have gone as a connect the dots page, but I'm still waiting for that "glowing skin" that is supposed to happen with pregnancy.

And, while we are at it, I wish MY arse would realize that it is not the home for the baby, although it feels as if there is ample room for quadruplets in there. And, yes, like I told you yesterday, all I want for Christmas is skinny thighs.

I haven't even started on the baby hairs that are growing around my scalp because I'm afraid to curse them as my hair dresser has told me that once I start breast-feeding I will also start to lose my hair.

And, yes, my boobs feel enormous these days too. I was still pretty much wearing a training bra before I got pregnant. The seamstress had to sew in boobs to fill out my wedding dress. I look back at those pictures and wish for the tiny ones to return because what I am carrying around (probably 1/3 of yours Jill) just seems to get in the way.

Since I've already moaned and groaned about the gas and the heartburn stage is a couple weeks away, I'll stop with my complaints.

Because I do LOVE being pregnant. And, I love this baby girl so much already. You hear mothers say they would die for their children and I know it is true already. EVERY decision I make, I think about the effect it will have on her before I make it. I want to do everything humanly possible to give her the best life she can have. So, I will take on whatever this pregnancy dishes out to me tenfold if I have to, and from now on, I'll do it with minimal complaining.

Much love to you and yours Miss Dilettante,
Amanda, her baby and her diary

02 December 2008

And the Oscar Goes To...

Like I mentioned in my previous post, I have been experiencing some gas that doesn't quite want to exit my body and enter the real world. Now, I'm sure David is torn between which is the lesser of two evils - the gas coming out or the torment I put him through when it doesn't! I'm guessing I am much more of a pain in the arse than my gas pains because he has issued his solution to the problem - a daily dose of Metamucil.

Again, for those of you who know David well, you will know that the other thing he has for breakfast is a big ol' glass of fiber. He's a tough one because he mixes his Metamucil with flax seed and cinammon and I think some eucalyptus bark for good measure. I, on the other hand, can barely choke down the orange or pink lemonade flavored stuff. David should seriously be a spokesperson for Metamucil because he preaches about its goodness like it's The Gospel.

Well, last night as we were going to bed, I realized that I hadn't taken any fiber. I usually come up with just about any excuse possible - I'm full, I'm too hungry, I am drinking a glass of milk, I just brushed my teeth... None of those were flying last night, even though the last one was true. I had just brushed my pearlies when David came into the bathroom with a large glass of orange flavored Metamucil. I did my best to get as much of it down as possible, but just couldn't bring myself to finish the last sip. Never one to waste anything, David decided he would drink what was left. As I was moaning and groaning in my closet about how nasty orange tasted when combined with minty freshness, David was standing in front of the bathroom mirror drinking the last bit. I guess my performance in the closet would have won Best Actress in a Comedy because David laughed so hard that he snorted the Metamucil through his nose and ALL OVER the mirror and our apothecary jars.

You know it is true love when you will clean your husband's snotty fiber off his bathroom mirror without even complaining.
It was hard to get a good shot, but hopefully you can see all the nastiness on the mirror!

Keep Your Hands Off of My Pillow!

I cannot begin to tell you how much of a lifesaver the maternity pillow from Moonlight Slumber has been for me. When we were gone at Thanksgiving, I was truly missing it! (And, I am extremely nervous about leaving it behind for our three weeks of travel later this month.)

I have been experiencing some different pains lately, which I self-diagnosed as either round ligament pain, a kidney infection, appendicitis, an ectopic pregnancy (which really got a laugh out of David), contractions or gas. I'm about 99% sure that it is the latter of the diagnoses and my husband's strict enforcement of the Metamucil consumption is putting an end to those pains. Can I just say that if I was begging for an epidural with gas pains, I will be screaming for it come delivery!

Anyway, the pillow has been a nice relief at night. Without it, I wake up laying on my stomach and panic that I am making peanut butter out of our little Peanut. I still toss and turn at night - always have and probably always will - but I am sleeping much more comfortably...with the exception of when I roll to my right. Everytime I roll to the right, someone else is hugging up on my pillow! I have had to wake up David a few times and kindly ask him to remove his hands from THE ONE THING keeping our baby alive at night. (I'll post later about my other Oscar performance last night....no DIRTY MINDED MEN, not that!) So, I am learning to share. I just hope he remembers how kind and generous I am come mid-April!

01 December 2008

Because Butter and Jelly Would Just Not Do...

So, this should be a long Thanksgiving post, but it isn't! Dave and I did have a wonderful time visiting his family up in Washington this last week -- it was filled with lots of food, fun, family and friends...and a little bit of shopping! It was a great holiday and we are so thankful we were able to spend it around people we love.

We got back very late Saturday night and had a much-needed sleeping in session Sunday morning. (We are trying to take advantage of as much sleeping in as we possibly can.) I woke up to make some breakfast and realized about the only thing we had left in the fridge was a little bit of milk and some juice (culture shock going from Irma's stocked refrigerator). I found a box of "healthy" cereal in the pantry, but Dave and I have both agreed that the Life cereal gets a little too soggy if you don't scarf it down within the first 30 seconds after the milk is poured into the bowl, so that was out.

I found some frozen biscuits in the freezer and decided we would have some biscuits and jelly for breakfast. When Dave got out of the shower and heard the oven roaring, he had this look of excitement on his face. "Are you making scrambled eggs too?" Now, if you know my husband well, you will know that his day is simply not complete if he doesn't have eggs for breakfast. I have to BEG him to let me make pancakes once a month for us because he loves eggs so much. My brother always jokes that if his breakfast is "egg-based" he'll love it. And, it's true. I can make chorizo and eggs, egg casseroles, quiches, omelets, or scrambled eggs, but heaven forbid I try to make a waffle! Anyway, back to the story at hand... Much to Dave's disappointment, I had rationed out the eggs before we left and there were none in the refrigerator. I have NEVER in my life seen the look of disappointment on his face like I did that morning. (And, that includes the time I told him about the doctor's recommendation for what can't happen for at least 6 weeks after the baby is born!) We scoured through the kitchen and thank goodness I was able to find one sausage patty and some ham in a package and could make a sausage biscuit and a ham and cheese biscuit for him.

David, recovering from his sadness over the lack of eggs in the house! And, yes, that's the infamous Magnum calendar in the background!

Of course, after he ate those, he was ready for two more "dessert" biscuits slathered in butter and jelly.

So, since neither of us left the house yesterday, I had to get up early and head in to the store to get some eggs for this morning's breakfast. And, do you know what David told me as I was getting ready? He told me that I looked like Heather Locklear! (Albeit, the Heather Locklear when she got busted for a DUI, but hey, I'll take it!)