29 September 2015

Miscellaneous September

Oh, you know, it's pretty much the end of the month and I've only blogged 5 times, so I probably ought to throw up some sort of miscellaneous post so you know that we have been doing something around here since we all know it isn't blogging.

➸➸ Sydney has been taking a gymnastics class with her friend, Hailey.  Oh my gosh, it is just the cutest thing!  These girls have a blast running all over the gym.  Sydney is a pro at the obstacle courses the teacher sets up!  She loves them!

➸➸  We have been trying to find some fun things for the girls to do after school, and Peter Piper Pizza has somehow become a sort of regular thing.  We've found that if we go RIGHT after school, we beat the crowds and can head to our favorite hamburger joint across the street when the crowd starts coming into the Child's Vegas Strip. ;) 

➸➸  The girls are finishing up swim lessons, and so we are still having some fun at the water park.  Sydney is fearless on the diving board.  She always has to scream something funny like, "BANANA" or "COWABUNGA!" before she dives off.  

➸➸  Liv's first grade teacher had a birthday, and so we got the class together to get her a Macy's gift card, a yorkie balloon, and some yorkie cookies!  She was so overwhelmed and thrilled with her celebration.  How adorable are these cookies? {And my two sweet girls too?}

➸➸  Before we left for the Gorge, we took my dad and brother to MOD Pizza.  It is seriously mine and Olivia's favorite pizza place now.  Even though it is probably a good 15 - 20 minutes away from her school, I still drove out there to get us some pizza one Wednesday for lunch.  She LOVED her surprise!

➸➸  We had a Girls Day one Sunday and went to a vintage / handmade market in Scottsdale.  Olivia and Riley had a blast looking at the different booths {especially the button one} and we all had a fun day out!

➸➸  Olivia had Spirit Week last week -- that is always a blast.  I love seeing the kids get all dressed up!

➹ Crazy Hair Day ➹

➹ Sports Day!  {OR Frenemy Day} ➹

➹ Pajama Day ➹

➹ Twin Day {OR Dress Like Riley Day}

➹ Red, White, and Blue Day ➹

➹ Red, White and Blue Day was also Apple Day in 1st Grade ➹

➹ I love that she still lets me eat lunch with her. ➹

➸➸  And, a few Sydney gems.... 

➹ 😳😳😳😳😳😳 ➹

It's almost October!  Do you know what that means?  One more month until we can be outside all day long without risk of heat stroke! Huzzzahhhh!

While You Were Dave Matthewsing...

As I mentioned before, my parents so graciously offered {more like got roped in} to watch our girls while we Gorged on some Dave Matthews over Labor Day weekend.  Fortunately, my brother was also in town for part of the weekend, and got a real dose of why he doesn't have kids.  I mean, had a great time with his two favorite nieces! ;) 

In case you can't tell, these girls got spoiled ROTTEN by just about everybody.  And, now they are asking when we are going away again!  So, great job, guys!  

27 September 2015

Grandparents' Day

Shortly after we came home from the Gorge, and the same day we had another Dave Matthews Band concert, we celebrated the greatest Nana and Poppy our girls could have with a lovely brunch at Cracker Barrel!  

These girls really are the luckiest!  As are David and I -- they are such a huge help to us almost on a daily basis watching, shuttling, or just loving on our girls!  Thanks so much for all you do!  We love you!

Also - Sydney had a little Grandparents' Day celebration at her preschool.  She sang her little heart out and was so excited to have her Nana and Poppy there!

26 September 2015

Gorgeous For the Gorge in 2015

Apparently I have a hard time saying no to Brad.  {I clearly have a hard time blogging too.}  After two wonderful Labor Day weekends at the Gorge seeing Dave Matthews and his Band, David and I decided that this year we would take a Gorge break.  But, poor, poor Brad's mom, her name is Arlene too, did you know that?  I feel so bad for her, really I do.  Because she was clearly never able to tell Brad NO without him throwing a fit.  Because that's exactly what he did when we told him no.  No Gorge this year.  He bugged, he pestered, he downright HARASSED, and then he did exactly what David would want him to do.  He put together a business proposal.  And, it worked.  He pretty much made it impossible to say no to him.  It was almost like we couldn't afford not to go.  So, we did.  And, it was gorgeous as always.

We found out that Michael and his girlfriend were going to be there on Sunday, so we were able to meet up with them for a little bit before the show.  Still so strange seeing this boy so grown up!

I said over and over that we aren't going next year, but somehow the guys were researching RVs to rent for next year.  My poor parents.... I think one Arlene needs to have a convo with the other Arlene! ;)