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18 August 2009

My Milkshake Brings All the Boys to the Yard

So, I recently saw a picture of a fellow blogger breastfeeding at an airport where she jokingly called it SCANDALOUS. Scandalous? Psschht. Amateur.

When I first started reading about breastfeeding, I read about setting up a quiet and relaxing spot in the nursery to bond with and nourish my baby. HA! In the last four months, I have breast-fed Olivia in the strangest of places. Many of which have been anything but quiet and relaxing.

Here are just some of the crazy locations where I have provided Olivia with nourishment and bonding moments (even broken down into categories):

-8 airplanes
-2 airports (DC and SLO)

-PF Changs, Baltimore
-Johnny Garlics, Santa Rosa
-California Crisp, San Diego
-Random restauarant in Monterey
*I know I am forgetting at least a handful of other restaurants where I have fed Olivia while simultaneously stuffing my own face

-WalMart parking lot in Arroyo Grande (I also b-fed her in a rental car in a different WalMart parking lot near Blue Ridge, Georgia)
-The parking lot of the Baltimore Convention Center (with a line of 6 cops watching)
-Downtown SLO on Higuera Street after a major screaming episode in the Apple store
-Downtown San Diego across from the Children's Museum while the rest of the fam stood in line for breakfast
-Outside Camp Pendleton on the way back from San Diego after a screaming fit in the car and NO EXITS and BUMPER TO BUMPER traffic for about 10 miles
-A church parking lot an hour north of San Diego

-On a side road in Chualar, where we had to move 5 times because people kept coming out of their houses to see what we were doing.
-The parking lot of The Garlic Farm in Gilroy
-The parking lot of Sonoma State - while David and Grandpa Peter finished an install
-A side street at Stanford campus - multiple times
-In front of Soudy's house
-A random exit off of 101 heading up to Palo Alto
-The parking lot of a Dairy Queen in Salinas (and, YES, of course we got a DQ treat afterwards!)

-Two different times in the dressing room - thank you Michele and David for entertaining me with fashion shows

-I have fed Olivia in no fewer than 8 hotel rooms

-The ladies room of the Baltimore Convention Center
-On top of the USS Midway in San Diego...on Memorial Day.

-A room in the new dormitory at Young Harris College in the middle of an installation

All I can say is: Thank You Hooter Hider. You do your job, and you do it well.

(And, looook how teeny tiny she was. *Sniff Sniff*)


Lauren said...

Hahaha, I just laughed out loud at this one. You've also forgotten to mention how you've become a pro at the single-handedly-while-breastfeeding texter and typist!!!

I love you mamasita (which, as Urban Dictionary defines, is a Hot Mama).

Mom Cooper said...

That's what is so great about breastfeeding. You always have them with you and you don't have to take the time to heat up a bottle. Enjoy it while you can it doesn't last for ever! Well, in some cases you do get a reminder!!!!!!!!

Jillian said...

GF, Ahhhhhm tellin have GOT to get the hang of feeding her in the ergo. I have mastered that one and have fed Ari WHILE getting my eye examined, while walking through the national mall, while doing dishes and other domestic chores, AND while carrying on conversations with completely oblivious persons. That and feeding her laying down are my favorite.

Amanda said...

Jill - I like to use the breastfeeding as an excuse to sit, relax, and watch some tv, so I'll not be trying to multi-task with feeding Olivia and DOING THE DISHES. Nuh-uh, I'll let Dave wash up because, "I have to feed Olivia."

Irma said...

Such a great bonding time with Olivia...not matter where.