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29 April 2010

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I realize it's been awhile since I've posted anything. It's been a busy few weeks with getting the house ready for Olivia's birthday, spending time with the families, and now a short trip out to Arizona to soak up some sun.

We had a nice little family party on the 17th for Olivia's birthday. We felt very blessed that so many of our family members traveled quite a distance to celebrate the day with us. Here are a few pictures from her party.

Cookies and cream cupcakes, you are my new favorite.

Because she does a lot of sitting.

Pretty sure she likes it.

As far as Olivia updates go, she is as stubborn as a mule and as sweet as cherry pie.  She is walking non-stop and really only crawls until she gets to a wall or piece of furniture where she can pull herself up and walk again.  Yesterday, she mastered going up and down the small step into my parents' Arizona room and has done it at least 60 times since then.  You can see a video of it here along with a couple other videos I have put up in the last week or so.

Tuesday morning, I took Olivia to a pediatrician out here because I was really getting concerned about her Captain Redbeard, especially after finding several dried blood stains on her crib sheet.  This doctor prescribed her two ointments (basically stronger versions of Neosporin and Cortaid) and her face has cleared up so much in just two days.

She's been having lots of fun in the warm weather.  We went to a little Mexican restaurant on a lagoon and she had her first encounter with ducks.  She pretty much spent the whole time pointing to them and calling them Magnum.


I got her a little swimming pool and didn't remember until she woke up from her nap, got into her swimsuit and did a 180 two feet in front of it that she isn't a huge fan of blown-up objects.
So, I deflated the hippo and she eventually got in.  But, man, she looks good in that Liberty of London swimsuit.

Oh, and for those of you who missed the memo, I had a birthday.  Olivia looked way cuter in a birthday outfit than me...

Love That Baby


David said...

Absolutely adorable! Is that a Hitler mustache on her in the 5th picture, or is it just icing? ;)

Mom Cooper said...

Nana and Poppy feel so blessed to have their two favorite girls visiting with them. I love spending time with Olivia, ok Amanda too, and Poppy loves showing her off to our friends in SunBird. I know Dave misses his girls but we sure are enjoying having them

Marissa said...

So so cute! Darling little niece!

Irma said...

We had a great time celebrating Olivia's first bithday! Looks like you had a great time Arizona..but then again, who wouldn't!?! Great photos.