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08 September 2014

Sydney's Birthday Celebrations

Sydney has been so lucky to celebrate her 3rd birthday for more than just 1 day!  We celebrated early while her Uncle Rhino was in town, and then again the day before her birthday, then ON her birthday, and again the next day at school!   We still have a few presents for her to open, so I'm sure the celebration will continue!

➹ Her Birthday Video playing in the background! ➹

➹ FroYo after dinner! ➹

➹ Love this picture - love this girl! ➹

➹ With her favorite friend at school! ➹

Happy Birthday, Sweet Sydney Girl!

1 comment:

Mom Cooper said...

Oh Sydney, I'm glad you got at least three days to celebrate your third birthday. I know you enjoyed each and every one of them. Just keep on being "Tidney" Ryann. Love you to pieces.