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11 November 2008

For All You Bloody Mary Lovers Out There...

Please pardon the two expletives in the following blog. They are aimed at me and I promise you, I am not mad at myself for calling me that:

My friend and former boss, JJ, has come up with his own unique recipe for Bloody Mary mix and has bottled it up for the world to enjoy.

JJ lived in Indianapolis and we ran in the same circles for awhile. He is an absolutely wonderful guy who also used to manage the Music Mill and graciously gave me a job as beer tub bitch (which I saw as a step-up from my day job of beer cart bitch at the Fort Golf Course) where I sold beers from a huge ice-filled tub at music events. It was the perfect job for a music lover like me.

Anyway, JJ left Indianapolis for Hilton Head and has been bartending down there (and probably also flirting endlessly with the ladies) and doing his darndest to come up with a great, local Bloody Mary mix....and he's done it with Your Mom's Bloody Mary Mix.

For those of you who would like to order, check out his website, Your Mom's Kitchen, and order a bottle or two to see for yourself!

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