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21 November 2008

A Day for Dad

Yesterday, Dave and I went to our monthly doctor's appointment up in San Luis Obispo. The appointment was quick and simple, just the way we like them. Everything checked out okay and we got to hear our baby girl's heartbeat again.

We ran a few errands in SLO and then decided to head to the same store where Mom and I racked up on baby clothes. This store didn't have as many cute clothes, but we did manage to walk out with a bag full of outfits! Dave picked out the majority of the clothes, but I think these two are his favorites!

David LOVES a safari theme. Since it doesn't go so well with our house, his office holds the bulk of his "exotic" pieces. I figure this outfit will be for Bring Your Daughter To Work Day!

When we got home, Dave threw some steaks on the grill and we caught up on some recorded tv shows. Peanut has been kicking and moving like crazy lately and I had a feeling that David might be able to feel her. I had him put his hand on my belly and we just waited. It wasn't 15 seconds before he said, "Was that it?" I couldn't believe that he could really feel her already. I honestly didn't think that would happen for a few more weeks! It was really exciting for both of us, and I know all of these experiences helps him have more of a bond with our baby.

Overall, I would say yesterday was a great day for Dad Michelson!


Mom Cooper said...

Oh I can tell already that this little girl is going to have not only her Dad but her Grandpa as well wrapped around her little finger. It looks like Mom and Grandma are going to have to be the sensible ones. What am I talking about I'm already goo-goo-eyed over her and all I've seen is the ultrasound picture. There's no hope for the Michelson/Cooper family when it comes to the love this little baby is going to receive.

Marissa said...

I agree with your mom, Amanda. Your little girl is in for some serious spoiling from both sides of the family. :) Can't wait to see you this week. :)