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01 February 2009

Because Practice Makes Perfect

Thursday night, David and I put together our car seat and stroller travel system. (Thankfully, it only took all of 10 minutes!) Saturday morning, David decided to take it outside for a little practice run. Check out who played the role of Baby Girl!

Don't you love how David's outfit matches the travel system? We had a tough time deciding on a color. We wanted it to match the interior of the car, be usable again in the future if we have a boy, and match Peanut's pink outfits, and I guess Daddy's outfits too!



Lauren said...

I LOVE that stroller system! So cute and Dave looks so handsome with the stroller!!! :)

Mom Cooper said...

Seeing Magnum in the stroller is so funny. He is going to be soooo jealous when baby girl arrives on the scene. You just might have to get Magnum his own stroller.

Jillian said...

Are those FLOWERS growing in your yard in February? I'm jealouuuuuuuuuuuussssssss! And Magnum is going to have to do like Fairway and move to the storage compartment under the stroller when the baby comes.
Fairway loves it but he's so fat now that it drags on the ground when we walk.

Unknown said...

How cute! We have the Chicco car seat and LOVE it!!!! It's absolutely the best one out there! I'm sure peanut will feel spoiled by it (and her doting parents) the minute she arrives. :)

Marissa said...

That was actually me, Marissa above.

Irma said...

Cute, cute, cute.