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04 May 2009

Come One, Come All to the Greatest Spectacle On Earth

It's so funny when you are pregnant, you get all of the attention. People were always stopping me and commenting on my belly, asking me how I was feeling, and inquiring about the gender of the baby. But, let me tell you, once she was born, it was all, "MOVE OVER MAMA, LET ME AT THAT BABY!"

I realized yesterday that there hasn't been one day where it has just been me, David and Olivia. Each day since she has been born, we have had people coming over to see her and coo over her. I'll admit it, I like hearing people say how pretty she is and how alert she is, and yes, how she sort of looks like me.

On Saturday, some friends of ours from Palo Alto, Dave and Alyssa, came down and spent the day at our house. I'm pretty sure their whole motivation for making the trip down was to see Olivia. Alyssa is a nanny, so she was all over Olivia and that was pretty nice giving my arms a little break. Even Dave joined in on the holding party with Olivia. They brought her the cutest little outfits too...Olivia has her very first Hurley jacket to sport!

Sunday morning, David carried Olivia around in the Ergo Baby Carrier and did laundry and dishes while I took a loooonnnggg (and much needed) nap. Sunday afternoon, Dave's sister Kristen and her fiance came over to meet Olivia for the first time.

Here are a few pictures from the visits.

Dave and Alyssa with Olivia. I think Alyssa let Dave hold her for maybe 10 minutes total!

Aunt Kristen and Uncle Brian

And, come on, who doesn't want to see some more pictures of Olivia in her swing?!?!?!

Guess who is shootin' a bunny?!?!?!


Mom Cooper said...

You can't imagine how much her Nana misses Olivia. OK you guys too, but I'm having Olivia withdrawal big time. Cute pictures and I can't wait to get some much needed baby kisses from my precious grandbaby. See you all in San Diego.

xoxoxoxoxo Nana

Marissa said...

She is darling! I know all about the "move over" syndrome. My parents are all about our boys. We get the afterthought "hello" after we arrive and the boys have been duly spoiled and kissed. Basically we are the people who bring them their grandchildren. Nothing special anymore. :) Get used to it. Haha!

Irma said...

Isn't it interesting how much they change so quickly? Looking at her in the swing photo...well, that is so different than her newborn photo! I can't wait to meet her. I was going to try for Memorial weekend...but now I know you will be in San Diego so I guess that won't work...will have to find a date. (BTW..our children are forever special...but they don't need us we turn to the grandchildren!)

Amanda said...

Oh, Irma, that's not true...we need our parents now more than ever!!

And, yes, I know she has changed so much already. It's crazy!

Lauren said...

Oh that second to last picture of her in the swing is just yummy! So precious Amanda... sweet little baby.

(and I've noticed that she has similar coloring to Brad...hmmm, coincidence? (: )