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17 May 2009

Happy One Month Birthday, Olivia

It is so incredibly hard to believe that an entire month has gone by since Olivia was born. She has changed so much each day, and we continue to learn so much about her and about parenting with each passing moment.

Olivia already has her specific likes and dislikes. For example, Olivia LOVES to be moving. She wants to be held and walked or carried in the Moby or her Ergo Carrier. When we go for a ride in the car, she is immediately calmed down when the car gets going. She also loves looking at the big decorative pieces that we have hanging on the walls. And, she really likes taking a bath...especially when it's with her daddy. (She doesn't really like getting out of the tub though!) She also loves her swing. It's such a lifesaver because it can keep her occupied some days long enough for me to take a shower or make myself some lunch!

Olivia staring at the wall-hanging in our living room.

Yes, that's a wine glass floating in our tub!

It's pretty clear that she is Daddy's girl. He seriously has the touch with her. He can get her calm when she is worked up and when he is holding her, she is perfectly content laying with him.

Looking up at her Papa in the tub - now that's happiness.

Again, so happy to be hanging out with her dad.

As far as Olivia's dislikes go, she's not a huge fan of being woken up from a nap to have her diaper changed and to be fed. (I normally wouldn't wake a sleeping baby, but because she hadn't gained very much weight in the first couple of weeks, I have been waking her to feed her.) She also doesn't like to go to sleep. She would much rather stay awake and look around...the only problem is that her little body is tired, and so she has to fuss a little bit before she'll fall asleep.

She's pretty indecisive on swaddling. She's not a huge fan of the act of swaddling, but once she's swaddled, she generally sleeps much better. She also doesn't know what to think of her pacifier. At first, she liked it. Now, there are days where she almost gets mad if I try and put it in her mouth and then there are other days where I will offer it to her and she'll look at me as if to say, "Um, HELLO, I have been asking for that for the last ten minutes!"
She IS, however, the NOISIEST baby we've ever encountered. When she cries, it can be pretty loud. And, don't even get me started on how loud she is when she passes gas. And, she grunts and groans all the time, especially when she is trying to break out of her swaddle. That may be one of the reasons that David suggested that she move from her Pack N Play in our room to the crib in her own room. My original plan was for her to stay in our room for two weeks, and I am having a hard time with moving her at one month. I just put her down in her crib and I may be the one who has the hardest time with the move!

I know as quickly as these days have gone that the future ones will fly by. As much as I look forward to all the fun days ahead of us, I already miss the early days of her life.


Irma said...

Belive me when I say that Olivia will let you know what kind of parenting she needs. Guess who is the new boss in the house?!

Unknown said...

Nicely said. And I can attest they do fly by. Too fast.

Lauren said...

What a sweet and beautiful baby... such joy. I love the picture of her looking up at Dave in the tub. Cannot wait to meet her!