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03 June 2009

A Little Something I Like to Call a Shit Storm


Some of you may remember this post I did about cloth versus disposable diapers before my ever-pooping daughter was born. I got some comments about being insane, and I'm beginning to think those people might have been right. I decided that I wouldn't start doing the cloth diapers until Olivia was about 4 weeks old, and fortunately we were travelling around that time, so I waited until this week to start. We had purchased three Fuzzi Bunz diapers to try out (instead of purchasing a ton of them and then possibly realizing that it wasn't something we would want to continue). On Monday, I put Olivia in the first cloth diaper. Aside from the fact that her bum looks quite large in them, I thought she looked pretty stinkin' cute in it. And, lo and behold, my daughter peed in the diapers and, hey, it wasn't a difficult thing to clean up! In fact, I was pretty impressed with the diaper because it didn't feel wet inside. I started thinking, "You know, this probably feels much better on her skin than those nasty ol' disposables*." So, I decided to push my luck and put another cloth one on her. And, guess what? Same thing. Just a pee so soooo easy to clean up!

I told you she looked cute in them!

I decided that her nighttime diaper should be a disposable because the last thing I wanted to be doing at 3 in the morning in dim lighting was figuring out where to store the poopy cloth diaper. And then the next morning, I realized we hadn't had a poopy diaper in a few changes, so better to keep the disposable ones going.

Cue David: Lunch time rolls around and he takes Olivia off my hands and decides to change her diaper. (Awwww, what a great dad.) He comes back and Olivia is not only in a different outfit, but she's sporting a new cloth diaper. Poor baby - Papa didn't realize that the cloth diapers were so much bigger than the disposables and he chose a supertight onesie for her to wear. (Why, oh why, you may ask did Olivia come back in a different outfit? Because, dear readers, she peed on her other one during the diaper change!)

Just a little bit tight!

So, a couple hours later, I'm breastfeeding Olivia when she decides to (in no uncertain terms) shit where she eats. (Ha, insert Ween song here.) I took her in to change her and saw that it was leaking all over her onesie. When I checked out the diaper, I realized that David hadn't put the snaps on correctly and that the ones that go around her legs hadn't been snapped at all. I quickly went in and told David that I needed to give him a tutorial on how to use the cloth diapers.

And, then today rolled around. Most of Olivia's poops occur in the afternoons, so I thought I was safe to put her in a cloth diaper this morning. Once again, we are hanging out and getting our feed on when I hear the sound of bubbles in chocolate milk coming from my dear daughter's diaper. I lift her up to see poop dripping down her leg and all over her socks. I then take a look at "My Brest Friend" pillow to see about 6 dollops of poop all over that. So, picture this, if you will - I'm lifting up Olivia with poop running down her sides, I have one boob protruding through my sexy nursing bra, and the nursing pillow is belted around my waist with poop covering it. And, the sad thing is, the visualization gets worse. I have to try and get Olivia's onesie (BLASTED ONESIES) off of her without getting poop all over her body. I wasn't completely successful, but fortunately it stayed off of her face and out of her hair.

Did I say 6 dollops of poop? I meant 12!

My thoughts, exactly, Olivia!!!

Now that's pretty shitty.

SO, what do I say about cloth versus disposables? Cloth diapers can take their eco-friendly inserts and suck it. (Do I really mean that? Yes, today I do. But, tomorrow is another day....hopefully a Shit Storm free day, at that.)

And, just so we don't end on a bad's how cute she looked before that big mess.

*I'm sorry Disposable Diapers, I never should have called you old and nasty!


Marissa said...

There's a REASON they invented the disposables! Haha, this post made me laugh and cringe at the same time. Not a fan of those blowouts. Especially the ones you can't avoid getting all over them as you take off their onesies, then have to hose them down before you give them the actual bath.... One of my least favorite things about motherhood, honestly.

Lauren said...

I obviously speak with NO parenting experience; just lots and lots of sibling/babysitting/nannying under my belt and I can say that blowouts occur in disposables as well!!!

I read the best tip on decision-making: 10-10-10. Think of how the decision will affect you in 10 minutes, 10 months, and then 10 years. In 10 years, it will only be another 540 YEARS before that poopy diaper decomposes in a landfill... whereas the memory of the "shit storm" will be long gone.

Ugh, can you tell I've been reading a lot of eco-stuff lately? The story of the school that couldn't be built because the landfill was taking over the county pushed me over the edge.

Jillian said...

Ok so we've been doing the cloth diaper thing for a couple of weeks now and fortunately no blowouts yet. I think what the deal may be here is that the all in ones are a little too big yet. I use a Chinese prefold inside of a newborn size diaper cover. They aren't near as big on her and although we have had spillage from the prefold into the edges of the cover; nothing has EVER spilled out. Which I cannot say for the times when I've used disposables.
From all the reading I've done on these it seems some brands work better than others.....maybe try another type?
Whatever you can betcha that won't be the last time you get pooped on on pees on or spit up on or vomited on and the list goes on. Oh the joys of motherhood!! :p

Mom Cooper said...

She is still so "stinkin" cute. Maybe try a different brand of cloth diapers. The cloth diapers I used on you seemed to work ok. I even had to pin them and then put on a plastic cover. I'm not saying go back that far in time but maybe there is another brand or size that will fit her little bottom better. Did I say that even in all that mess she is still adorable????

Mom Cooper said...

OK as I was writing this so was Jill and I guess we both agree to try a different brand.

Irma said...

Been there...and glad I am way past it! I like being a grandmother so I can give them back when blowouts happen!