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19 June 2009

Only Slightly Less Impressive Than My Olivia Videos

Someday in the not so distant future (I hope), I will do a non-Olivia related blog about my love for the Dave Matthews Band (and more specifically, Dave Matthews himself). In the meantime, whet your appetite with this little ditty. (No, I didn't make the video.)

The real video is actually pretty cool as well. It's just as whackadoodle as Dave himself, and I read a quote somewhere that he did it one take. You can see the video by following this link.

Okay, I have edited this a couple times because Olivia is sleeping, Dave is watching a dvd called "Rome: Engineering and Empire" and I'm on a Dave Matthews kick. #40 is one of my favorite unreleased songs (okay when I say "one of", I mean one of about 15 favorite unreleased songs) and Long Black Veil is a song that my friend Tara and I were OBSESSED with in college. So, enjoy this video. And, if you still haven't had enough (I know I haven't), you can check out more videos on Hulu.


Jillian said...

HAHAHA(<--Evil laugh) I'm first this time! Well my dear you know that you and I both became friends because of the DMB and our mutual love for/obsession with "The Man".
That being said, you will be disappointed to know that I have yet to listen to the CD...I think I'm waiting for a special time when I can really listen without kids creating a cacophony of unpleasant background noise.

Our times at DMB concerts are some of my favorite. FRONT ROW BEOTCH!

Amanda said...

Well, plan on finding a few special times to listen to took me multiple listens before I really started liking it.

Yeah, front row and you almost getting kicked out! :) What about Ruth's Chris?!?! All those are going into the future blog!

Amanda said...

Oh, and Jill, I said "Ruth's Chris" to throw off the other stalkers. I know where we really were....