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01 March 2010

Weekend Warriors

In January, I started a couple different Mommy & Me classes - one of them being a strolling class. We meet all over the San Luis Obispo area and walk different trails. The class is called Strolling to Fitness and the first meeting involved us walking to a local bakery. That's the kind of fitness class I like - one that rewards us for working our mouths while strolling along with our babies.

Anyway, one of the trails that we've been on is the Bob Jones trail near Avila Beach. David and I walked it Friday and got rained out halfway through. Sunday was a gorgeous day, so we went back for round 2. We are really working on keeping Olivia in the stroller for as much of the time as she will handle. She used to scream about 5 minutes after going into the stroller and I would often times have to carry her and push the stroller at the same time. Then, she got into a habit of falling asleep in the stroller. Other times, she would last a little longer, but would cry when she got tired, so during most of my strolling classes, I have carried her in the Ergo Carrier. But, she is now starting to squirm out of that one. It took a lot of puffs/yogurt melts, a cell phone, some Magnum entertainment and a garage door opener, but this time she managed to stay almost the whole 5 miles.

Olivia being entertained by "walking" Magnum.

And, that's how that rainy day ended. Magnum is a Puss with a capital P! I was embarrassed for him when we passed by other dogs.

Nothing like getting the kids to look in the same direction.

This could quite possibly be one of my favorite pictures ever!


Mom Cooper said...

The pictures are so good. Olivia is such a happy baby(well most of the time right?) Just the simplest things as family walks are great. Keep up the good work.

Marissa said...

Love that last picture. She's totally making the David face. :)

Jillian said...

SOOOOOO CUTE! And ahhhh, Magnum, he hasn't changed much has he?
Send me some of that weather too, while you're outside, will ya?

Poppy said...

Awesome pictures! You all look so cute!.

Irma said...

Great outing. Great family. Love you all!