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23 February 2010

Just Trying to Keep Up With the ButtonsMcSweets of the World*

Olivia is starting to "upgrade" to the big girl bath (solo). It's taking her some getting used to because it's so slippery - we need to get some of those stickies for the bottom of the tub because she doesn't want to stay still on the foam pads - but she's starting to get the hang of it.

Try not to overdose from all the cuteness.

* If you haven't checked out my friend Jill's blog, you are truly missing out on reading snippets from a brilliant writer. She is back to blogging on a regular basis and has been on a hot-streak as of late. You can check her out here!


Mom Cooper said...

I agree on two points.....Olivia is gor-gee-us!!!! AND Jill is a wonderful writer. The words just seem to flow from her in a way that makes you want to read more!!! Both of you keep up the good work.

Jillian said...

Well Gee, you ladies are going to make me blush! Thanks! And that is one stinkin CUTE CUTE CUTE baby! I just can't wait to squeeze her!

Irma said...

You can't help but overdose on this cuteness!