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30 May 2010

I Love It When Sundays Don't Mean the End of the Weekend

David and I continued our fun-filled weekend with a jam-packed Sunday.  After breakfast this morning, David headed outside to install Olivia's car seat in the Acura.  Once he got that in, I drove him over to the office to pick up his bike so we could ride over to the local Farmer's market.

He sort of cheated on his ride back, but I CAN NOT stress enough how many stinking hills there are around here.  It's so hard for me to enjoy a ride somewhere because I am always on the lookout for hills - even when I am going down the hill, I'm thinking to myself, Oh, this is going to suck going back up it.

He rides his bike to work almost daily... and stops at the gym on the way back home.  
In case you can't tell.

But he can still be kinda lazy.

We headed over to the Farmer's market around noon and the whole time (with the exception of cussing out hills) I kept wondering why we hadn't done this before.

Oops - I cut his head off, but I was also riding my bike while taking this picture.  Trust me, it's easier to drive and take pictures than to bike and take pictures.  And, let me just tell you how thankful I am that he was pulling her AND our market goods instead of me.

Wait, YOU are thirsty Olivia?  All you did was squeal with excitement!

Family photo

We stopped off at our favorite booth and Maria gave us tons of extra food "for the baby."  I'm going to be making some delicious zucchini bread tomorrow "for the baby."  Oh yeah, it'll be for the baby.  Ha.  We ended up checking out this booth that sells hummus and pita bread and got the most delicious tzatziki (cucumber yogurt sauce) and shapati (sun-dried tomato, pesto and feta mix)  and found a place in the grass to pop-a-squat and have a little picnic.

Happy camper

We rode back home (oh those hills!) and by the time we got back, Olivia was passed out in her Chariot.  David pulled her out and put her in her crib for her nap.  While she slept, we got ready to head out to the strawberry festival.

He's skilled at "the transfer"

Olivia got all decked out for the festival with her Strawberry Shortcake onesie.  Not surprisingly, when we got there, we were pulled to the games area and David immediately took Olivia into the bounce house/obstacle course.  Thank goodness he loves doing stuff like that because there was no way I was getting up there.  Olivia loved it (but I think her papa loved it more).  Before we checked out the rest of the festival, David had to finish being a kid and ended up climbing up some "Spider Climb" in under a minute.

"I mean, I gotta do it."

Watching her papa pretend to be Spider-Man

The festival was WAY bigger than what we expected.  There were so many booths set up and unfortunately, we only got to see a few of them because we got there late because of Olivia's nap.  We did end up getting her two new hats (one that is the same as one of my favorites she had when she was a newborn) and the sweet salesman threw in a headband for her.  David ended up getting a strawberry shortcake, but I can't pass up getting a funnel cake.  It's my favorite thing about festivals.  We ended up getting a tasty snack that is probably going to be stocking stuffers this Christmas, so I am not going to go into details on that one.    We finished up the festival with some yummy homemade root beer.

Yay, some other crazy African artwork to fill David's office. 

My favorite thing is this girl's expression in the back.  She should have done two thumbs up because that root beer was SOOO good.

And, this was just plain creepy.

All in all, it was a great day spent together as a family.  I'm going through something personal right now that could really get me down if I let it, so it was great to have a reminder of the things that I have to be thankful for -- an amazing husband, a beautiful daughter and a wonderful support system of good friends and family.

Tomorrow will be a LAZY day for me and Olivia.  David is currently changing the tires on his new motorcycle because he's going to ride with some friends tomorrow and then head into the office.  We'll be making zucchini bread and relaxing.

Happy Birthday, Mom.  Everyone enjoy your Memorial Day.


Mom Cooper said...

It looks like you all had a full, fun-packed weekend. I know you will be happy with your new car and Olivia seems happy in her new "big girl" seat! I'm thinking Dave can't wait for Olivia to get big enough so you all can make a trip to Disneyland!

Jillian said...

DISNEY!! Go with us to Disney world next year!!
Anyway, I am so glad you've had a wonderful and busy weekend. Same here, and if you're anything like me, you have a major food pooch going on. That is the ONLY reason I'm glad for Jeremy to go back to work I can be HEALTHY again!

Marissa said...

She looks so happy in her pink big-girl seat! So cute! :) Glad you guys had fun at the strawberry festival, looks like a great time. You're very blessed.

Irma said...

Nothing beats quality family time and from the looks of the pictures, you all made a terrific day of it. My two favorit photos are of Olivia in her white hat on the blanket and with David holding her coming out of the pink tube.