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25 May 2010

Peek-A-Bob and Adventures in Babysitting

I mentioned last week that Olivia was perfecting her Peek-A-Boo skills with her travel blanket. A few days ago, she figured out she could use her Bob Marley t-shirt to play it too.

Oh, she thinks she's soooo funny!

Yesterday, Olivia and I watched my friend Maren's tiny baby girl, Avi for a few hours so she could edit some wedding photos from their photography business, Applemoon Photography. Avi is beyond adorable and so easy to look after. If only that girl would SLEEP some! Here are some cute pictures from their afternoon of fun.

And, yeah, Emily Dickinson is her homegirl!

Olivia giving Avi the low-down on how it goes at our crib.

Hogging her toys!

Avi and Olivia checking out the latest in Life & Style and Baby Einstein.

Looks like Olivia lost that game of Tug 'O War!

Here's a little video I got of the girls staring each other down!

Playdate! from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.


Marissa said...

Looks like a fun playdate. :)

Irma said...

Olivia is being such a good little playmate to her friend. And I love to see her wiggle her bumm with the music!

Mom Cooper said...

This is so sweet. I love how she is trying to show Avi how to play with her toy. Yes, I love to see her little movements too.