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01 December 2010

Get Your Scan On, The Doppelganger Edition

David and I are preparing for our Hawaii trip by watching back-to-back episodes of Hawaii Five-O.  Well, that's not all I've been up to, I've actually been doing some Christmas crafting, but I'm not going to put those pictures up tonight.

I WILL, however, share a couple of these pictures that David scanned for me tonight.  This is ME on my second Christmas.  Does that look just like Olivia or what?  I was pretty much the same age as she is now.  My favorite thing about this picture is the faux fireplace my parents put up...and decorated!

{Nothing has changed - my mom STILL can't take a picture in focus!}

And, as I promised in my last post, here is Olivia's picture from her visit to Santa this year.  And, I'm throwing in a side-by-side from her first visit.  Poor thing.  Maybe next year?

Same facial expression, right?
Santa got WAAAYYY less creepy though.

Happy Wednesday How is it Wednesday already?? from the Central Coast!


Mom Cooper said...

I agree on two things, one you look just like Olivia in that picture and two I still can't take a decent picture. Yes, maybe next year she won't be afraid of dear old Santa.

Irma said...

I always said Olivia was your mirror image! Olivia will love her Santa pictures when she grow up and I am sure she will laugh at herself! And look at the difference of hair on Olivia in one year! Love that little girl!

David said...

Great pictures babe :x