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07 August 2012

Cabin Fever

My 3 year old got the best of me today.  And, it wasn't fun.  I blame it on the fact that we have a serious case of cabin fever.  It's hot out, y'all.  With no end in sight.  I'm starting to get a little burnt out on it and so for the past couple of days, even the thought of putting my babies into a hot car and heading to another place with air conditioning only to put them back in that same hot car is just too exhausting.  It's even too hot to get in the pool during the day.  Olivia and I got in yesterday afternoon and with the water at 95 degrees, it was anything but refreshing.

So, we've been taking lots of daytime baths {because, when in doubt, put 'em in the tub}, doing a little more dress up {hello, Rapunzel} and even breaking into our reward box {when all else failed}.  We even managed to get in a couple of Skype sessions today.

{Yes, we put animal stickers on our train.  Notice how the elephant is leading the pack.}

Skyping with Kendall - half the time you can't see either of the girls.

Sydney skyping with her Nana and Poppy.
We can't wait for them to come back.

It doesn't help things that I am trying to get Sydney's naps under control with this whole weaning thing.  It definitely makes for a less happy baby.  {Although, she is still pretty stinkin' good!}  

David brought home Pei Wei tonight and I had to eat it while giving Sydney a{nother} bath - it was the only place she was happy.

I don't think I can handle another day like today so we are going to head downtown to the Children's Museum tomorrow after Sydney's morning nap.  I've got our snacks packed, so at the very least we know we'll be eating well.

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Mom Cooper said...

Cute pics of Sydney AND Miss Rapunzel. Amanda I think you need to go in the business of making "fake loofa hair". So cute.