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20 August 2012


If you know me very well, you will know that the Dave Matthews Band has played a significant part in my life...from forming friendships to encouraging a love of discovering new music and making lots of memories along the way.  Yesterday marked four years since the beloved DMB saxophonist, LeRoi Moore passed away.  And, almost four years ago, Olivia {sort of} attended her first DMB concert in Berkeley.  I was only a few weeks pregnant with her when David and I attended the show and coupling my hormones with the first show without LeRoi that I had ever been to, it certainly was an emotional one.  As corny as it sounds, I couldn't help but think back on that day as well as feel for the members of the band yesterday as it was surely a tough day for them all.

Maybe I was sending out some LeRoi vibes, or maybe there is a little LeRoi in all of us, because Olivia put together this outfit all on her own yesterday.  LoVE this girl.  {Don't know the significance of the LoVE sign?  Check it out here.}

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