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23 March 2013

A Full Day

We have been keeping very busy lately.  It seems that if we don't have plans to get out of the house, at least one of us goes a little bit stir crazy.  Often times, it's more than one of us heading that direction.

After a fun playdate on Friday with Marsha, Michael and Jessica, we met up with them again today with the daddies and went for a short hike on South Mountain.  The kiddos had fun hunting for princesses and Easter eggs {helps keep them motivated to keep going} and we had fun socializing with other adults.  When we left the mountain, we headed down to a place called The Farm where they grow most of their food. It was such a gorgeous day and the kids loved being outside and running around.  We closed the night with movie night and now I am ready for bed.

Picking pecans {illegaly?}

Watching The Aristocrats!

{The plus side to all of this running around is that the house stays fairly clean.  Just wish I could figure out how to get the laundry done while being gone...}

1 comment:

Poppy said...

Looks like a very fun day!

Those lil darlings are rapidly growing up.