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06 March 2013

Snip It Real Good

Well, that was a nice little blogging break -- in case you don't follow me on Instagram, we took a little vacation to Hawaii last week, and, well, we are still in recovery mode.  I have tons of pictures to sift through, even though most are just of our girls playing at the beach, so it will probably be a few days before I have a Hawaii recap up here.  

I had good intentions on getting this posted before we left, but I just didn't get to it with all the over-packing I did. {Please say I'm not the only mom who does that!}  So, here we go....a couple weeks after the fact.

I got to have a morning of pampering and while I sat there, I realized my sweet baby could use a little hair care pampering herself.

Her mullet was getting a little out of control and I thought a little bob haircut would be cute on her.

Oh that hair...

What I didn't think about until it was too late was how much she would HATE having to sit in the chair by herself and have some stranger fling scissors and spray water around her face.  

I quickly reached for a sucker {blue??!!}, but by the time I took this picture the lady had sprayed water near her face and it was over.  No more pictures until the one at the end and she was still full of tears.

{Can you see those teeth?  Bless her heart - they are still coming in.}

But, oh man, she looks SO adorable with her sweet little haircut.  I just love it.

Stay tuned for some fun Hawaii pictures soon!

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Poppy said...

I love the hair cut Sis! So cute.