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30 May 2013

That's Some Serious Slackin'

Thirty days in to May and I have only posted two blog posts....and one of them was about our April trip to Disneyland.  Oh man, it has been weighing heavily on me, but I've got some good excuses for not posting.  David and I took a weekend trip away just the two of us and then he went on a business trip to DC for a week {leaving me a single parent}.  I ended up sleeping with Olivia each night and pretty much just crashed in her bed after she fell asleep which is my usual time to blog.  And remember what I said about getting back on the blogging's tough to get motivated when you know you have a ton of pictures to upload and post about.  But here goes....

➸➸➸  The whole family went to a Meet the Creature class and this is by far my favorite picture of all of the animals.  I want this bunny!

➸➸➸ I signed Olivia up for a Book Club at her school for two Friday mornings this month.  The class met from 9-1 and Olivia was to bring a lunch to eat there.  The first Friday she went was a milestone for us - we made it to our first 9am class on time AND I packed my first school lunch!  She loved the class and Sydney and I loved having a little Mommy & Me time.  We did a little shopping, got her hair cut and did a little more shopping.  Liv was treated to a cotton candy ice cream cone for doing such a great job at Book Club too!

➸➸  Our Nipomo neighbors were in Scottsdale for a few days so we headed up to our favorite railroad park to meet up with them.  It was soooo good to see them and catch up with them.  Oh how we have missed them!  

➸➸  Olivia's school class had a little Mother's Day party... Muffins with Moms ... and it was so sweet to see her sing songs for me.  I love that girl so much.  We also spent the evening at my mom and dad's and did our best to take some pictures.  It didn't work out so well...

➸➸  We celebrated David's birthday with a yummy egg breakfast {his favorite}, cupcakes and a trip to a kiddie play land with mini bowling, bumper cars and a giant jungle gym.

➸➸  David and I were able to get away for a weekend with no kids {thanks Nana and Poppy} and we had a blast in Humid Houston!  We met up with our friends Matt and Christi {and their handsome baby Niles} who we hadn't seen since I was pregnant with Olivia.  We had tickets to a Dave show, but also spent the majority of the weekend hanging out and eating yummy food {and trying to figure out how to combat all that moisture in the air}.

 Not my most favorite setlist of all time...


These boys basically got the biggest steaks possible {tomahawks} and I'm not even kidding when I say they both ate it all.  And got dessert to boot.  

➸➸ The girls were well taken care of by my parents.  I loved all of the pictures that they sent me and I was definitely ready to get back to them when our weekend was over.  Because David had a work trip in DC, he flew out from Houston a few hours before me.  I thoroughly enjoyed sitting in the airport, snuggled up with a $16 blanket and reading the new Dan Brown book with absolutely no interruptions.  But, I was super excited to see my blonde babies when they picked me up from the airport.

Olivia went to two birthday parties while we were gone...this is sweet Caleb.

➸➸  And, one more.  While David was in DC, I took the girls, along with my friend Liz and her two kiddos to Disneyland.  That post is going to come in a few days, but let me just tell you, we had a blast!  And, it was easier going there than being home with both girls by myself.  David had a hard work week, but stayed an extra day so he could meet up with our friend {and matchmaker} Kelly.  We love this girl and can't wait to see her again!

Pheeewww, thanks for sticking with me through this one!  I hope to do better next month!

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Mom Cooper said...

Wow where to begin on this one. Lots of things happening in this blog. The pictures tell it all. I will say we had a good time with the girls while you and David were on your other Dave quest.