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31 May 2013

Olivia's Promotion Ceremony

I cannot believe we have our first school year under our belt already!  The school year flew by.  Olivia loved her school, her teacher and especially all of her little friends.  I'm so happy that she has met her new teacher for next year and is already excited for her new class.  She's going to "summer camps" during the month of June {school starts back up in July} two days a week from 9-12 and each of them have different themes like Beach Party or Animal Safari.

Anyway, on Tuesday, she was promoted to Pre-K with a little ceremony with her schoolmates.  They sang a song about changing the world and how it starts with them.  Of course my mom and I teared up the second they started singing.  I just can't believe my sweet girl is growing up so quickly.

I took a few pictures of her outside the church where they held the little ceremony.  She was not very cooperative, but I wanted to get a few pictures of her on her "last day" of the school year so I could compare to her first day.

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Mom Cooper said...

You want them to, but you don't want them to. Grow up that is!! Olivia is so smart in so many ways. I often wonder what she will contribute to this world.