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03 August 2014

Schoolin' Sydney

Sydney has completed a whole week of preschool -- ahhh, the life of only having school two mornings a week.

She had some ups and downs, but I know this is a new experience for her and she's going to learn how to make each day a success.  On Tuesdays, I've signed her up to do the dance program right after class.  She LOVED doing the dances with Olivia over the summer, and after watching her in the trial class, I know she is going to absolutely love being in a class.

She brought home a little "All About Me" packet on Thursday, and it was just the cutest thing.  I sort of crack up a little when I think of what is going on in her mind while she is drawing and coloring these pictures.  

 We are doing a little "home-schoolin" at our house too.

➹ We are even taking field trips! ➹

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