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07 June 2015

Another Month Down

Whoooo, the end of the school year was a BUSY one!  I was so excited for school to be over so I could relax, but the start of the summer has proven to be just as busy as the school year.

Here are a few things we were up to last month:

➸➸  We practiced long and hard for our four dances for the end of the year recital.  And I say we because even I practiced with them.  One thing we worked on was how to get our hair nice and curly for the required curly ponytails.  We discovered twisting their hair when it was wet at night, and then untwisting them in the morning made for some reallllly curly hair.  (In Olivia's case, it was too curly for her liking!)

➸➸ Nana took Olivia in for one final Monday at school.  Such a lucky girl to have her nana there volunteering in her classroom each week!

➸➸ We soaked up the not-too-hot weather and spent time at the playground and pool with our favorite neighborhood blonde.

➸➸  Olivia did a dance for her class talent show to the Bazooka Bubble Gum song, and she NAILED her performance!  I will have to upload the video my mom took of it asap!

➸➸  Sydney's preschool class had an end of the year patriotic ceremony.  Sydney got a little case of stage fright and wouldn't sing or dance.  Despite that, I am SO proud of how many gains she made this year.  I'm going to miss her class and teacher so much.

➹ First day / Last day ➹

➸➸  Our neighbor, and one of Liv's super good friends, had a huge birthday bash over Memorial Day weekend.  She had a party with butterflies, cupcakes as big as your head, an inflatable water slide, a candy bar, and sno-cones!  It was SO MUCH FUN.

➸➸  Olivia had her graduation and the girls both had their recital, but they deserve their own posts for that - so stay tuned!

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