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07 June 2015

Olivia's Kindergarten Graduation

Olivia graduated from kindergarten with the cutest little graduation program.  She had been practicing the songs for over a month and it was so cute to see all the kindergarten classes on stage in their graduation caps and gowns singing their little hearts out.  I still cannot believe in a little over 6 weeks, my big girl will be in the first grade!

➹ Our last morning drop off. ➹

➹ Our neighbor made signs for his daughter's kindergarten class and then made signs for Olivia and some of her friends.  We held them up in the audience for her to see on stage.  I loved seeing her big smile every time we held them up for her. ➹

➹ Before walking on to the stage with her classmates. ➹

The ceremony was over before lunch time, so we took the girls to brunch with Riley's family.  After brunch, we went back home to gather our supplies so we could set up a free lemonade stand for the kiddos leaving school at the regular time.  The 6th graders have a clap out where all the kids from the school line up outside and clap as they leave their building for the last time.  Our girls were so excited to give out lemonade and cookies to the kids as they walked home.  And, I never would have guessed that we would have run out of lemonade before cookies!

➹ Pretty sure we started a new tradition! ➹

After cleaning up what was left from our lemonade stand, we came to our house to swim in the pool and use our new pool toy!  Our neighbor gave us this slide that he had made and used with his grandkids.  It has been the perfect addition to our pool and the neighborhood crew has used it non stop!  Sadly, we can't get Sydney to give it a try.

As if our day couldn't get any more full, we went over to Riley's house for pizza and then walked to the park to release a couple of paper lanterns.  What a full and fun way to celebrate graduating from kindergarten!

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