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07 October 2015

Fall Break, Part One

Our girls are off of school for two and a half weeks of Fall Break.  Two.And.A.Half.Weeks.  Eighteen glorious days where my children have no place to be.  That's either your best dream or your worst nightmare.  Or, if you're like me, it's somewhere in between.  No alarms to set or lunches to pack in the mornings, but no activities set to give a mom a little break in the day.  By Saturday, I knew that my kids were either going to kill each other or drive me to the psych ward, so I started planning.

We've swapped kids for playdates, gone to open swim at the water park, done open gyms at the gymnastics center, painted, dined, theatered, got a hair cut, and Targeted and that was only through Thursday!  By Friday, it was time to hit the road {that post coming another night}.

Dear Poppy, Sydney wants this for Christmas!

Are you exhausted?  We are!  So, enjoy our pictures and keep your eye out for more.


Poppy said...

LOL! Love this blog. Are you saying you are not a supporter of year round school? Think of all the good times they have had together, so many fun things, chances to be around them during their best and of course the worst of times as kids go. I remember many a time threatening to stop the car and bop both you and Ryan for your squabbling in the car. It's just part of siblings growing up. Gotta love it!

Love the pics as usual.


Mom Cooper said...

You are a good momma and always plan neat activities for the girls and sometimes Nana and Poppy get to join in. Love being able to share these fun times with my girls.