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17 October 2015

The End of Our Fall Break

You guys, we have a slight obsession with Mod Pizza.  I'm pretty sure we ate there at least 3 times over our break.

{We love it so much, in fact, that I just ordered it for dinner.}

We found about every gymnastics camp and open gym we could find to let these girls burn off some energy.

Looks like it worked!

And, we helped take care of a few kiddos by packing meals at Feed My Starving Children.  This is such an amazing opportunity for kids - it's one of the few places that allow children 5 and over to volunteer.  This time, the food was being sent to the Philippines.  {Thanks, Nana, for going with sand being such a great scooper.}


Mom Cooper said...

Yep, you kept those girls occupied with fun activities. I am so glad you ask me to go help with Feed My Starving Children. That is an amazing organization. I DO want to go again. I know you are glad school is back in session but I know the kiddos liked the break and the different things to do.

Poppy said...

You kids had a great fall break. 2.5 weeks off is heaven for these girls. And you kept them active Amanda, that's an awesome mom. Love you girls to the moon and back.