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31 December 2015

Parade of Lights

As if moving day wasn't hectic enough, both of my girls {and my husband} were in the Chandler Parade of Lights that night!  Because Olivia is on the performance team, she was required to be lit up in over 200 lights and dance to a routine behind her dance studio's float.  The owner asked if Sydney and David would be interested in riding inside the float, and well, if you know my husband, that's a no brainer right there!

He and Sydney got dressed up quickly, but getting Olivia ready was another story.  I thought I was giving myself plenty of time, but in the end, I still felt very rushed!  We had to safety pin the lights and her battery packs to her clothes and make sure she would not get tangled up in them when she walked/danced. It was no easy task.  But, she looked totally sparkly, so all the hard work was worth it!

The girls {and David} did such a good job.  Mom, Dad, and I had a great spot to watch the parade go by, but once the girls passed us, I tried to run along the route to see them some more.  Towards the end of the parade route, I was able to get closer and see them more, so it was worth the congestion I had to fight my way through.


Unknown said...

I loved the parade tis year. The weather was great, the girls looked so good and yo got great pictures too. They are so special.

Love you all.

Mom Cooper said...

The parade was fun and the girls looked so cute, Glad the weather cooperated.