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02 December 2015

Santa Baby, The Mall Rats Version

This post is going to make me look like I am SO on top of my game.  Let me assure you, I am not.  Our current house is a disaster.  The new house is a disaster {in a good way}.  Our Christmas boxes are shoved in a corner of our family room, our elf is stuck somewhere between our house and the north pole {under a blanket, on top of the fridge in the garage}, and I probably have about three Christmas presents purchased {but what did I do with them?!}. BUT, but, but, but...we made it to the mall and got our pictures taken with Santa.  AND....we passed out our advent calendars to our friends and classmates already {albeit, two days into December, but who doesn't love doubling up on chocolate?!}.   Annnnnd, I've already ordered our Christmas cards and they've been delivered.  They may not get sent out until 2016, but hey.

About those Santa pictures...the girls were in their cute Christmas outfits and the line was short, so why not!  This is the first year that Sydney would actually sit on Santa's lap.  She told him she wanted a book.  {And, you'll never believe it, but that's one of the three presents I have purchased!}  I'm not sure what Olivia asked for.  They honestly both looked really stunned when they heard him ask the kids in front of us what they wanted.  Looks like they are as unprepared for Christmas as I am.

I swear Sydney smiled great for the pictures and then every time we looked at the camera lady's screen, she would have her eyes half closed.  I swear, she may look like me, but she gets that trait from David.  Olivia, on the other hand, was ready for action the second she got on his lap.  That smile was in FULL FORCE.

➹ I mean, seriously?!  Look at that face! That pose! That gap tooth smile! 😍 ➹

And, in conclusion, I'm thinking this post doesn't really make me look like I am SO on top of my game.  It's just the pictures that do.  

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Unknown said...

Those girls look so precious! I just can't get over how fast they are growing up. And what a great Christmas gift your new home is for these girls and for you and David. Nana and Poppy are so very happy for you kids to be in your very own home, in a wonderful neighborhood and being so close to us is an added bonus.

This is a special Christmas for the whole family.

Love you kids,