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30 May 2016

La La La LegoLand!

Ready for a gazillion pictures from our trip to Legoland?!  The girls had a blast - we were lucky to have Ryan meet up with us for the adventure!  The girls LOVED seeing all the things made out of legos and especially loved the Heartlake City area and the performance by the Lego Friends girls!

LOVE this picture!

She lined up all her Lego Friends figurines to watch the show!

I told them it was Dave Matthews!

David got this backpack with a water pack in it right before the trip.  Sydney thought it was the coolest thing.  She probably drank her weight in water that day and for sure rode the potty more than all the other rides combined!

We are a lucky crew to be able to do such fun things together as a family!

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Mom Cooper said...

This looks like so much fun. So glad Uncle Rhino was able to go and experience this with you. The pictures are so cute.