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01 June 2016

My Sassy Seven Year Old!

My dear sweet Olivia,

I cannot believe how quickly time has flown.  I feel like each year just goes faster and faster.  Sometimes I look at pictures and I still see you as four or five years old, and other times I find it hard to believe just how grown up you look.

This year has been full of exciting new things...first grade was amazing with all of the learning you did.  I am amazed at how fantastic of a reader you are!  Your dancing, singing, and theatrical talents are growing by leaps and bounds!  You have the same sass and feistiness that you've had since you were born, and I'm sure that will never change.  Keep growing, and learning, and figuring out this crazy world.  We'll be here for you through it all.

I love you more than words can tell!

Cheers to SEVEN!

Favorite color: blue/teal
Favorite toy:  ipad and American Girl doll
Favorite stuffed animal: Ellie the Elephant
Favorite thing to sleep with: Liberty of London pillow 
Favorite fruit: strawberries and apples
Favorite cereal: Cap'n Crunch
Favorite thing to eat for breakfast: waffles with Nutella
Favorite thing to eat for lunch: peanut butter and jelly
Favorite dessert: ice cream
Favorite drink: lemonade
Favorite animal: elephants and dogs
Favorite song: Brave {Sara Bareilles} and Ho Hey
Favorite book: Nancy Drew and the Clue Crew
Favorite game: Princess Yahtzee and Guess Who
Favorite tv show: The Voice
Favorite movie:  Zootopia
Favorite thing to do outside:  swim and play on the play structure
Best friends: Ava, Riley, Kendall, Brooke, Sage, Jade & Sydney
What she wants to be when she grows up:  a librarian

I am cracked up because she's probably had Cap'n Crunch once and rarely gets to watch The Voice, but clearly they have made an impression on her!  Also, A LOT of these answers are pretty much the same as the last several years, which can be seen here, here, and here!


If you've got an extra 20 minutes on your hands.... 

Olivia's 7th Birthday from Amanda Michelson on Vimeo.

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