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13 July 2016

Dance The Weekend Away

The girls had their recital weekend at the beginning of June!  {Yikes, I'm behind!!}  Recital weekend is a BIG DEAL around here!  It's probably one of my most favorite weekends of the year.  I LOVE seeing my girls dressed up in their costumes, and I get SO excited to see them on stage doing their performances.

This year's recital weekend was a bit on the nuts side...Sydney and Olivia take dance from the same set of teachers, but their recitals were at two different times.  And, so were their rehearsals.  In addition to this little twist, Olivia took a musical theatre class at a separate studio and the rehearsal and recital happened to be the same weekend.  So, we went from rehearsals to recitals and then to more recitals the next day.  It was a TON of work {most especially for my girls}, but it was totally worth it!

The girls both danced to Hard Knock Life in the Broadway Bound recitals {different versions, different dances, and different recital times....and slightly different costumes}.  Olivia ALSO danced to Hard Knock Life last year, so I gathered up the costumes from her friends and they used the pants and bandanas for their costumes this year.  It was cute having their pictures taken together, but I have put in a request for lots of glitz and sparkle in next year's costumes! ;)

On with the pictures!!!

➹ This was me the night before rehearsals...packing outfits, snacks, and quiet activities.  Liv and I were in Scottsdale from 9-4 that day and then headed straight down to her recital.  Sydney was with us for the morning rehearsal, but thankfully my parents picked her up when she was done and gave her some fun time at their house the rest of the day! ➹

➹ In between Sydney's rehearsals and Olivia's rehearsals, we snuck across the park to check out the Civic Center library.  It is such a cool area, but sadly it was HOT!!! ➹

➹ Sydney taking her final bow!
Special thanks to David for getting us amazing seats for both shows!➹

Liv performed three dances at this recital - She was in Opening Night {black leotard}, Hard Knock Life, and Best Summer Ever {hence the beach outfit}.  

All these pictures are totally out of order and I'm ok with are some pictures from her Alice in Wonderland musical theatre performance.  She was the March Hare and Riley was the Dormouse. 

I know I have said this before, but I am always AMAZED at the guts these girls have to get on stage and perform in front of everyone!  I'm so proud of them for their ability to do that and also for how well they performed!  

Can't you see why this is my favorite weekend of the year?!  

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Mom Cooper said...

That was a fun/exhausting weekend . AND I can't wait for it again. The girls did such a great job and they looked so stinking cute. I am so proud of my grand babies. I too am amazed at how they seem to be feerless on stage. They are smart, they are talented and they are adorable. Love them to pieces.