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31 July 2016

Summer Bucket List: The Scottsdale Civic Center Library

Another item on our Summer Bucket List was to visit the Civic Center Library in Scottsdale.  Olivia and I had a chance to briefly walk through it when we were taking a break from her dance rehearsal, but we didn't get to spend nearly enough time there.  I took home a flyer with their activities listed and decided to come back on the day they were doing a Paw Patrol activity.  What I didn't realize was that the activity was a coloring page and watching a couple episodes in a back room.

While that was a bust, we did have fun spending the rest of the morning there reading books and exploring the children's areas.

➹ She did this all on her own! ➹

And, we topped off the afternoon with a trip to the infamous Sugar Bowl!

Liv was just a baby last time we were there.  See it here

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