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21 October 2016

My Money Makers

While my parents and brother were away in Hawaii for a couple of weeks {waayyyyy back in September}, the girls helped them out by taking over a few of their jobs.  Sydney was in charge of Peyton while he stayed with us and Olivia was in charge of watering trees and plants at some of Poppy's clients' houses!

Both girls did such an AMAZING job with their duties.  Sydney was SO sweet with Peyton...she fed him, loved him, and even slept with him the entire time e was here.  Olivia took her job seriously and had her clipboard and checklist each time we went out!


Poppy said...

Poppy is so proud of his girls for the amazing job they did while I was gone on vacation. I can't say enough about hem and their mama too! Love my girls to the moon and back.

Love you,


Mom Cooper said...

I love these precious girls to pieces. The pictures with Sydney and Peyton are adorable. I know they each took their responsibility seriously and very proud of how they did. Our girls are growing up .