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13 October 2016

Sydney's Shimmer and Shine Party

Sydney turning FIVE was a BIG deal!  She got to have her very first true birthday party with a full on theme and more than just neighborhood friends coming over to swim.  

She really wanted a Shimmer and Shine birthday party at her dance studio.  I really didn't want to do a character party, but when it was all said and done, I'm SO glad we went with exactly what she wanted!

I had seen some belly dance outfits online and thought they would be perfect for her party, so that was our kicking off point!  With the help of my friend, Sheri, and a million and one trips to Hobby Lobby, we made her party one for the books!

➹ Her Shimmer and Shine bags that held her belly dance outfits for the girls. ➹

 ➹ I made some "magic carpets" out of fabric, scrapbook paper, and tassels...they turned out cute and looked good as a centerpiece on the kids table at the party. ➹

➹ Once I started blinging things out, I had a hard time stopping! ➹

➹ Seriously, I have to give such a huge shout out to my friend Sheri and her husband Dave.  She designed the Shimmer and Shine palace and then had it printed on foam board along with the girls, their pets, and the vases.  After it was printed, Dave took it to the Tech Shop and cut the girls out.  She and I spent one night attaching all of the jewels to them. They turned out so cute!  ➹

➹ Sydney insisted on a time I'm going to work hard at convincing her to do cupcakes because they are so much easier! ➹

➹ The bags looked so cute on the tables! ➹

➹ I wish I had gotten some better pictures of her with all of her stuff, but she was having so much fun with her friends, I hated to ask her to pose for pictures! ➹

➹ I loved having the party at the dance studio!  They used all of the songs from Shimmer and Shine shows and taught the girls a dance to the Mistake Song from the show. ➹

➹ My birthday girl! ➹

➹Sydney and her friend, Hailey! ➹

➹ Even the boys had fun! ➹

➹ Such a great crew and such a fun day! ➹

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Poppy said...

That was quite a little birthday party. Loved it and I know Sydney was very happy. Our little munchkin is growing up so fast.

Love her to the mon and back.