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01 December 2008

Because Butter and Jelly Would Just Not Do...

So, this should be a long Thanksgiving post, but it isn't! Dave and I did have a wonderful time visiting his family up in Washington this last week -- it was filled with lots of food, fun, family and friends...and a little bit of shopping! It was a great holiday and we are so thankful we were able to spend it around people we love.

We got back very late Saturday night and had a much-needed sleeping in session Sunday morning. (We are trying to take advantage of as much sleeping in as we possibly can.) I woke up to make some breakfast and realized about the only thing we had left in the fridge was a little bit of milk and some juice (culture shock going from Irma's stocked refrigerator). I found a box of "healthy" cereal in the pantry, but Dave and I have both agreed that the Life cereal gets a little too soggy if you don't scarf it down within the first 30 seconds after the milk is poured into the bowl, so that was out.

I found some frozen biscuits in the freezer and decided we would have some biscuits and jelly for breakfast. When Dave got out of the shower and heard the oven roaring, he had this look of excitement on his face. "Are you making scrambled eggs too?" Now, if you know my husband well, you will know that his day is simply not complete if he doesn't have eggs for breakfast. I have to BEG him to let me make pancakes once a month for us because he loves eggs so much. My brother always jokes that if his breakfast is "egg-based" he'll love it. And, it's true. I can make chorizo and eggs, egg casseroles, quiches, omelets, or scrambled eggs, but heaven forbid I try to make a waffle! Anyway, back to the story at hand... Much to Dave's disappointment, I had rationed out the eggs before we left and there were none in the refrigerator. I have NEVER in my life seen the look of disappointment on his face like I did that morning. (And, that includes the time I told him about the doctor's recommendation for what can't happen for at least 6 weeks after the baby is born!) We scoured through the kitchen and thank goodness I was able to find one sausage patty and some ham in a package and could make a sausage biscuit and a ham and cheese biscuit for him.

David, recovering from his sadness over the lack of eggs in the house! And, yes, that's the infamous Magnum calendar in the background!

Of course, after he ate those, he was ready for two more "dessert" biscuits slathered in butter and jelly.

So, since neither of us left the house yesterday, I had to get up early and head in to the store to get some eggs for this morning's breakfast. And, do you know what David told me as I was getting ready? He told me that I looked like Heather Locklear! (Albeit, the Heather Locklear when she got busted for a DUI, but hey, I'll take it!)


Lauren said...

I just laughed out loud thinking about Dave's insane love for eggs! It completely reminded me of the late-night munch session when you made him scrambled eggs (who makes eggs as drunk food?!) and we put some Magnum treats in it for him- and he didn't even notice!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Mmm, did you put sausage in here too?"

Amanda said...

Yeah, he still holds that against if he didn't eat the whole entire thing and then ask what we were giggling about. And, you are right, who does make eggs as drunk food? Only David. When I read this blog to him today at lunch, I said the part about the waffle and he goes, "Ech, waffles." ?? What? Who thinks waffles are gross?

Our poor baby will not know what is coming at her with the two different tastes we have!

Marissa said...

That's so funny! I think you must be very patient to be married to David. He's wonderful, don't get me wrong, I love my brother to pieces, but he's definitely got quirks. :) You two are so perfect for each other. I miss you already!