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02 August 2009

#104 - This post is called #104 because it's the 104th post I've written

So, this is the first summer in FIFTEEN years that I haven't been to a Dave Matthews Band concert. Maybe that's why this summer just doesn't feel like summer. (That or the fact that the temperature never changes where we live.) And, last year was the first summer where I have only been to one Dave Matthews Band show. This past weekend the Fab Five (minus the saxophonist LeRoi who passed away last year) played at our old stomping grounds in Noblesville and it put me on a little trip down memory lane. Yeah, I pulled out my ticket stubs, my cds, and even a couple dvds to try and make us feel like we were there.

I know that I am too old to be going on tour with a band like I pretty much did each summer during/after college, but I still would like to be going to see their shows for several more years to come. If not just for the love of the music, but also for the feelings of nostalgia that it stirs up in my aging bones.

I have so many wonderful memories of all of the shows. Some personal highlights include:

--The summer my friend Tara and I had tickets for back to back shows at Deer Creek. The first night, we took my car up and it overheated in the parking lot. We decided the next night to take her more reliable car up and we ended up pulling off the side of the road to let the car cool down. Upon realizing we were going to miss Dave come onstage to introduce the opening band, we decided that we would just have to be the car that everyone curses and bypass the bumper to bumper traffic and drive on the shoulder. (To be fair, we DID scream "Sooorrrryyy" to everyone we passed.

--Taking David to his first DMB show - sharing something that was a huge part of my life with him was wonderful.
--Taking my friend Jill to a show where we had 2nd row seats. She decided to throw a pair of aviators onstage for Dave to wear and instead about got herself kicked out of the show. It's a good thing she is pretty (and has big boobs) because she convinced the security guard to let her stay. And, no, Dave didn't wear the sunglasses. (And, no, this picture is not from our show with 2nd row seats.)
--Driving by myself to Philadelphia so I could go to two shows with my friend Brad.

--Meeting my friend Matt in Lafayette to see the best Dave and Tim show EVER.

--Stalking Dave at just about every venue we ever went to.

--Taking that stalking to a whole new level by showing up at restaurants and hotels where we thought he might be. Jill was just as much a stalker as me and she knew where the band stayed when they came into town and she knew the steakhouse he liked to eat at and Jill just happened to be friends with people who worked at both. I convinced my neighbor Andrew and his friend Paul (who was a huge Dave fan) to go with us to St. Elmo's to spy for Dave. The entire time we were at the bar Andrew kept saying how crazy we were and that there was no way we were going to see Dave there. After a couple of cocktails, out walks Dave and his entourage. And, I KID YOU NOT, he stared at ME from the second he rounded the corner to the second that Jill stood up and blocked his path and said, "I just had to come and say hello." Haha, and then he resumed staring at me!

My favorite, favorite, favorite memory, however, is the show where I was able to meet him. Yes, I will admit to the internet, that I am a member of the Warehouse - a DMB fan club. I have been a member since the first week the club started. It gives me access to tickets before they go on sale to the public and supposedly gives me a better chance at getting good seats. (Remember my 2nd row story? Yeah. Thank you Warehouse.) Another one of the perks was that we would have a chance to meet Dave Matthews backstage...something I NEVER dreamed would happen. Well, Father's Day rolls around and my parents come up to Indy so we can go out to eat. I had worked at the golf course all morning and when Dad came to the house he took a look at my
wind-blown hair and said, "Go do something with that, will you?!" So, I stuck it under the tub and proceeded to fix it. Our apartment phone rang and Dad answered it and yelled back to
me, "Hey, it's someone from the warehouse." HUH? I picked it up and they confirmed my tickets for the upcoming show. I'd never had a call like that, but that was the first year my tickets had been placed on will-call, so I thought maybe it was just standard procedure. The lady on the phone goes on to tell me that I've also been given a pass to bring a friend and meet Dave before the show! I ended up taking my friend Ivy and we seriously barely made it up there on time. There was so much traffic and they parked us on the opposite side of the venue from where we had to meet that we literally had to throw our shoes off and RUN all the way around Deer Creek. We made it to the meeting place just as the rest of the fans were being escorted
backstage. It was really cool meeting him - he was as much of a nut as I knew he would be. I was extremely lucky because he went around shaking everyone's hands and as he shook mine, the guy next to me asked him a question. So Dave just kept holding my hand during his conversation. I seriously considered never washing that hand. When picture time rolled around, I weaseled my way right up next to him. Hey, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, right?! I hope not.

(This picture was taken with a disposable camera. For some reason, it was the only type of camera we were allowed to take backstage with us. So, sorry for the poor quality.)

(And, yeah, I had no shame. I made him sign it that way.)


Jillian said...

Ahhh Dave, *le sigh* . Now quit giving away out secret stalking spots you hooch! Another note about the night we saw him ( in an UNDISCLOSED location) I was wearing such a low cut dress my dad even told me I looked like a hooker before I left the house and Dave STILL only had eyes for Amanda.
I need to break out some DMB stories of my own. Good times.

Marissa said...

Oh how awesome! :) What a fun story to tell your kids. :)

Irma said...

Memories like that stay with you no matter what your age!

Lauren said...

I know how you feel- this was my first summer with no Jimmy B and it's so sad! The only difference is that DMB is cool and young and JB is old and yet I'm still obsessed with him. You totally win.

Just wait until Liv gets a little older and you can pass on the glory that is Dave, his music, and his concerts to her.